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8 Questions To Ask Before Renting a Venue

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Venue Is the venue you want able to handle the number of guests you are going to invite? Depending on how many people you invite, you want to make sure that there is enough room for them all including all your vendors. This is also important incase you are inviting children, elderly people, or people in wheel chairs. They need to have a ramp or other necessities you may find that you need to ensure your guests are taken care of. Is your budget big enough for the venue you want? You need to take your budget into account when choosing a venue. The fanciest or the biggest venue may not be as affordable as you think. When the venue starts cutting into your wedding budget, you may have to sacrifice other things you were wanting at your wedding. What is the [...]

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Chair Types For 2021 Wedding Style

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Different Types of Chairs to Rent For  Your Wedding When it comes to choosing chairs for the wedding, there are actually so many choices! The variety of chairs has come a long way from lawn chairs. Thankfully, we have amazing dark wood folding chairs that our couples typically love, however if you want add an extra special touch to your Georgia vintage wedding, here are some excellent choices! Simple Cane Back Chair- This is a simplistic chair, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful! A cane back chair is a wooden chair that has a cane backing. Cane is actually from a rattan plant and is then woven together. It is perfect  if you are looking for a simple piece to bring your reception together or a rustic piece! Chiavari Chair-  It is a light weight chair, it is known for having notches carved into the wood to have a [...]

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2021 Wedding Color Palettes

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A new year means new vintage wedding trends! Here are the trending colors that will be coming this year that will be the basic building blocks to creating the wedding of your dreams! Dreamy Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose- This is the perfect combination of colors for those who are looking for a light and feminine look without using straight out pink. The dark color of the cinnamon rose gives off the impression of a rich chocolate. The dusty rose compliments the darker color that some people have a hard time pairing. The combination isn’t clashing and has the perfect feminine flare. Blush Pink, Cinnamon Rose and Eucalyptus - These three combinations are an unlikely match, however they go together beautifully! The light and airy blush pink goes well with both the rich chocolate cinnamon rose has to offer as well as the eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a neutral green/blue that [...]

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How to Choose a Wedding Getting Ready Location

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How to Choose a Getting Ready Location When it comes to choosing where you should get ready for your big day, you usually put it at the bottom of your list to take care of, because you have a million other things to do. However, it is still very important that you decide where you should get ready. There are a variety of factors that go into picking the perfect location! You also have to keep in mind what you want your getting-wedding- ready photos to look like.  Thankfully, we’ve already taken care of this one for you with our his and hers getting ready suites right here on property! But keep readying to know what you’re looking for before you get here.  The Venue Keep the wedding venue in mind. If you choose a hotel, then it is best to reserve a room or suite to get ready in. [...]

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How To Deal With Wedding Family Drama

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How to Manage Family Drama at Your Wedding We all encounter family drama at some point in our lives, granted some more than others. However, here are some tips on keeping the drama to a minimum for your big day! Wedding Tradition Conflicts Wedding traditions are a funny thing, some people deeply care about doing things the traditional route. While others throw caution to the wind. There are many traditional wedding routes to take such as who will be walking you down the aisle. Typically it is a father's role to walk you down the aisle, however this is your wedding. Don’t be worried about what others will think and you are also able to squash any conflicts of who will be walking with you. If you have a father versus step-father situation, heck have both of them walk down the aisle with you! Another tradition is father/daughter dances. You [...]

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What to Practice at Your Wedding Rehearsal

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What to Practice at Your Wedding Rehearsal When it comes to your wedding, you want your special day to go perfectly, that’s why we recommend practicing! You may think that walking up and down the aisle is incredibly easy and that you wouldn’t have to practice, but if your plans are complex it is the best idea to practice. Practicing will also be incredibly helpful for your bridal party if they have never been in a wedding before. Here are some things that you should practice at your wedding rehearsal: Walking Down The Aisle Standing Or Sitting Somewhere Specific Moving Mid-Ceremony Walking Back Down The Aisle At The End Wedding Rehearsal: Order Of The Wedding Procession When practicing, you should have the order of the procession down.  Who is going first?  How do you want your bridesmaids to walk out?  Do you want them to walk out from shortest to [...]

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How Do You Create A Wedding Seating Chart?

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How To Create A Wedding Seating Chart When it comes to the seating chart, it can be one of the most difficult stressors of your wedding. Every family has their drama, and as the bride you want to create the least stressful and drama free seating chart. 10 Steps to Creating a Seating Chart The Venue After choosing your venue, contact them and request for the full layout of the venue with details such as dimensions, where the electrical sockets are and bathrooms. Placing the Vendors Take into account where you should instruct the vendors to set up for the reception and ceremony. For example, having the buffet set up directly next to the bathroom is not ideal for you or your guests. Tables and Chairs  When picking out chairs and tables, make sure the sizes and shapes will be able to fit within your chosen venue. It is also [...]

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How To Choose The Best Georgia Wedding Venue

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Why You Should Have Your Wedding at Spring Lake Events Spring Lake Events was first established in 2011 with the goal in mind to provide their guests with the best services they had to offer. Spring Lake specializes in creating vintage weddings and have held hundreds of events over the years. So let’s dive into what makes them so special it has people jumping for joy when celebrating their big day with Spring Lake Events! Open Space Wedding Venue Lets start off with the space that Spring lake has to offer. Not only do they have such an incredibly open space but they have different venues within the property to fit to the bride and grooms standards. They were having rustic barn weddings before it had become trendy.  Their large spaces allow the bride and groom to have a large number of guests.  You also have the option of getting [...]

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Where To Visit When Attending A Georgia Destination Wedding

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Places to Visit When Attending A Georgia Destination Wedding If you're traveling to a destination wedding in Georgia, we have you covered with lots of ideas of fun things to do, no matter what part of town you're staying in! Atlanta The capital of Georgia is home to The world of Coca Cola, the head quarters of CNN and one of the largest aquariums in the world. There is also Centennial Olympic Park, it was built so residents and visitors could enjoy watching the Olympics back in 1996 for the Summer Olympic Games. Despite the Olympics being over for quite some time now, it is still a popular place that hold many festivals, concerts and events. There is also a hotspot for all the foodies, a whole street dedicated infact! Locals love to hit up the Krog Street Market, featuring 16 different food and beverage spots of world class cuisine. [...]

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The Biggest Wedding Mishaps

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What Not to Do On Your Wedding Day The day of your wedding always tends to be the most stressful day for everyone involved. So here are a few tips on what NOT to do so you don’t make it anymore stressful. Yourself Getting a massage, wax, facial or other intense beauty treatment on the day of your wedding may not be the best time to do it. It is better to do these things a couple days before the wedding takes place in case you have some weird reaction to a facial or waxing and ruins your day. Wearing new shoes for the first time can make your night into a nightmare. It is understandable that you don’t want to ruin your beautiful wedding shoes, but you need to break them in because you will probably end up standing in those ALL DAY. Exercising too hard the day of [...]

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