A beautiful inexpensive wedding venue in Georgia can be hard to come by. Have you seen how much it costs for a wedding these days?!

We totally get it. Your wedding is an important day in your life, but the fact of the matter is that it’s only one day. We know most Georgia wedding venues out there will cost families easily double what our wedding venue costs when it’s all said and done.

We know what it’s like. We see it every day. Many families are prepared to pay for a venue, food, the dress and a $300 photographer. They’re expecting to pay less than $10,000. But after walking on the property of some venues and falling in love, they find out that the venue rental alone will cost $12,000 not including food and access to the entire property.

Spring Lake is different. Our owners have a passion to keep costs low so that anyone can afford to have an amazing wedding. That’s why you can find our inexpensive wedding venue in Georgia can be rented from $3500. The best part is that our owners don’t skimp on the details, either! You’ll find that Spring Lake is pre-decorated with all the vintage wedding decor elements you wish you had time to make by hand. The grounds are lovingly maintained, and our staff is unrivaled. Almost every single review we have mentions the loving care that our owners and staff put into each wedding. They’ll become your next of kin. And let’s not forget the amazing spaces Spring Lake has on property that are open for every wedding.

There’s our wedding barn with a reception area and getting ready suites, lakeside wedding ceremony location with vintage pews, boathouse gazebo with a dock, waterside fireplace, open lawn space for Adirondack chairs and lawn games, classic rusty truck, secret forest pathways, and let’s not forget the canoe out on the water! Think you’ll run out of fun things to do on your wedding day at Spring Lake? Better yet, think all these amenities are going to cost a fortune? Nope and nope.

Not only that, but we have some amazing and affordable caterers lined up to be part of our wedding venue packages, so you can have an all-inclusive wedding venue experience, too. Plus, our wedding venue packages come with flowers (that our brides adore!). So, you could literally reserve our inexpensive wedding venue in Georgia that is all -inclusive with food and flowers, buy a dress, reserve a photographer, send out invitations and be married in just a few months with little more than your venue pricing. No hand-made decorations, caterer taste testing, floral consultations necessary.

Of course, if you want to do all those things, you’re more than welcome to. We offer a la carte pricing and packages because we like to think Spring Lake is one of the most versatile inexpensive wedding venues around.

Plus, we make it really easy to check out all our pricing. We’re not hiding anything around here. You don’t even have to contact us to see how much our venue will cost on any given day or how much our catering options cost. We have it all laid out for you on our wedding venue Pricing page.