Fall wedding season is just around the corner here in Georgia (never mind the highs are still hanging out around 90*) and we couldn’t be more excited!

Go ahead and pass that pumpkin spice latte (PSL) right on over here and we’ll take a sip while we chill in the air conditioning.

No, but really. See, we totally get it if you’re planning a fall wedding right now. If you’re thinking about a September or October wedding, you probably chose one of those dates to be your fall wedding day because you love PSL’s as much as we do. Or maybe it’s the cozy snuggles wrapped in a blanket down by the lake and the stone fireplace? Or maybe you just adore fall color and fresh air? Us too!!!

Well, if you’re planning a wedding with one of those in mind, you’ll probably be wrapping up that last month or so of details for fall wedding decorating right around this time of year. That means we won’t be the only ones ready to usher in cooler temps and cinnamon apple spice candles around the middle of August!

And if you’re planning a fall wedding in Georgia, we’ve got a few quick tips for you.

Embrace Fall Wedding Style

That’s right! If dried sunflowers aren’t your thing, but you love your plaid flannel shirts and cowboy boots most of the year, go ahead and bring them! We’re thinking a cute flannel shirt tied at the waist over your wedding dress plus those ultra comfy cowboy boots peeking out under your dress when you’re ready to dance the night away. They’ll look adorable for an outdoor fall wedding here in Georgia and your guests just might love an invitation to be in on the wardrobe fun, too.

Use Fall Wedding Colors

No, you don’t have to go with yellow, red & orange if that isn’t your thing! That’s the last thing we want! Some awesome fall wedding color combos for outdoor weddings in Georgia are mauve and deep purple, sage green and navy, or brown and blush.

Serve Fall-Friendly Foods

Say that five times fast! One of the best things about fall is the smells and flavors of the season. Barbecue, apple pie, and s’more bars always hit the spot with guests of fall weddings. And if you’re brave enough to go fall-crazy, game-day treats are always a hit. No, we’re not talking about chips and salsa or pigs in a blanket (though those will work, too). We’re thinking bacon-wrapped sausages paired with apple cider and cheese fondue. The grown up version of game-day treats.

Which leads us to our next point.

Consider Game Day Schedules

We realize that we live deep down here in SEC country, y’all, and nothing is worse than having a barn full of ladies wondering where all the men ran off to (they’re either down by their cars or in the groom’s getting ready suite hiding and watching the game). So, if you know there’s are some devoted Auburn fans coming to your wedding, it might be in your best interest to make sure you aren’t scheduling your wedding day on the day Auburn plays Georgia. The same thing goes for pro teams, too.

We want your family to start off on the right foot. We’re just sayin’.