Engagements are an exciting time; you’re on top of the world, crazy in love, and ready to take on anything with your significant other. There are so many ways a.newly engaged couple could become overwhelmed once they begin the planning process for their upcoming nuptials, but choosing the perfect venue doesn’t have to be one of them.

Decide on your wedding day style

This doesn’t mean your wedding needs to be themed, but it’s certainly safe to say that any wedding you’ve ever attended has a style about it. Narrowing down that style, and the vibe you want your guests to get when they arrive makes a world of difference when choosing a venue. It’s a starting point to eliminating the venues that don’t make sense for you, and avoids overconsumption mode. Less choices = a more clear answer.

Spring Lake Events is versatile, making that choice even easier. It’s vintage, rustic, chic, and southern charm all wrapped up into one, with endless possibilities to accentuate your style.

Photo ops are key

Believe me when I say, you don’t want to have to leave your wedding to go snag some great pictures. Having everything in one place is the best way to ensure you aren’t going to miss a beat on the dance floor, and can get those perfect, romantic shots in a timely manner.

Spring Lake Events boasts some of the most amazing scenery right on-site. The Georgia venue has greenery backdrops, rustic buildings, lakeside beauty, and even a 1944 vintage truck for photo purposes. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better scene for wedding photos you’ll enjoy for years on end.

Inclusive venues are easier on everyone

It’s true! Let the venue store all of those decorations you must have to make your vision come to life. The less you have to do and buy, the better.

Spring Lake Events has lots of personal touches to offer; beautiful lanterns to adorn your aisle, vintage church pews for your guests to admire your ceremony from, fabulous centerpieces, a cedar arch, a fireplace and swing overlooking the lake, just to name a few. If you need it included, you can likely find it in their many package options, giving you the convenience every bride and groom need to remain stress-free. Not to mention, it’s easy to find their package breakdowns and what’s included on their website. This information should be easily accessible to make your choosing process seamless. You shouldn’t have to go digging!

Take care of your guests with solid staff

Nothing is worse than going to a wedding and having your experience ruined by a grumpy waiter. Do your research! You want to make sure the staff at your venue truly care about your guests and their experience. The best way to figure this detail out is to do a little digging in the reviews and see who’s customer service skills stand out amongst the crowd,

There’s a reason Spring Lake Events is an award-winning Georgia wedding venue, and their staff contributes to that. Their goal is to make sure your day is as perfect as you envisioned it to be, so you are in good hands. Their testimonials support that fact!

Explore the backup plan

If you want a gorgeous outdoor wedding and reception, with sunset views and summer night air, I sincerely hope that’s what you get. And you should totally find a venue that will give you that, BUT… this is where logic and reality sets in. Do not forget to explore the backup plan for your venue! In real life, things can happen that can put a damper on (literally, if that thing is rain) your plans. You need to find a venue who can address your concerns in the event of this.

Spring Lake Events wants to settle your worries. You WILL have a beautiful wedding, even if Mother Nature is feeling moody that day. The grounds include indoor options as well, so they can work with you on coming up with that Plan B for the big day.

Have fun with wedding planning!

This is your reminder to take a breath; this process should be fun! With all of these things considered, take your final list of contenders, and get ready for some tours in some really beautiful places. This is the exciting part! You get to visit, daydream about your beautiful day, and ultimately get yourself one step closer to the very best day of your life. Don’t allow stress to take this process away from you; cherish it.

And when you’re ready to book, Spring Lake Events is ready to accomodate you!