Okay, y’all. Can we just take a minute to talk about our lakeside fireplace at our Georgia vintage wedding venue? First, how many wedding venues have you seen with a full-on hand-built stone fireplace down by the lake? I mean, really? S’mores are awesome anytime. Add a fireplace and they’re instantly upgraded, but add a fireplace by a lake and we think it’s instant movie-quality memories being made. Seriously. Just like a scene out of your favorite love story.

And that doesn’t even consider all the amazing options out there for making an amazing wedding s’mores bar. Right?! We’ve seen all kinds of creative s’mores bar ideas. From the classic marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to something that resembles more like a sundae toppings bar and even a Halloween party with all the candy bar choices to adorn s’mores with. And the creations that have been made in our lakeside fireplace are unreal.

And just as you would suspect, the kids love leading the way! If you’re worried that the littles will be bored at your wedding, send them down to the fireplace (with a super responsible adult!!) for some wedding night magic and s’mores building creativity. And if you watch them closely, they just might make up a new creative s’more that could beat out a New York chef at s’mores making.

Photography by S Weathington Photography

We want to take this time to challenge you to let your wedding venue provide you with opportunities to create memories with the people you love most. Maybe you trade the coloring books and other busy activities for kids to let them have the chance to chase fireflies and roast s’mores at your wedding. Maybe instead of their parents being worried about the sugar rush from your wedding cake, they can rest easy knowing there is plenty of space for tag and racing around.

And while we’re at it, maybe we focus on opportunities for the grownups to make memories. It may be out on the dance floor dancing until the cows come home, or it may be reliving out a childhood memory of roasting s’mores with closest friends and family in the crisp fall night air.

Most importantly, we challenge you to choose a wedding venue that will allow you to make the most amazing wedding day memories. Because the wedding venue is only part of the equation. Sure, the wedding venue and its amenities will set the tone for your entire wedding, but hopefully, you will walk away from your wedding with so much more than pictures. We hope you will look back on your wedding remembering snuggling with your new groom while the fire flickers and the crickets chirp. We hope you’ll take a minute to sit in our Adirondack chairs and reflect on your wedding day. We even hope you kick your shoes off for a few minutes and get in on a game of tag with the kids.

Because, seriously. That’s the stuff that is unshakable. The part of life that never disappears.