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Vintage Weddings Image Gallery

We hope you love taking a peek at our photo gallery of vintage weddings. We think every single wedding here at Spring Lake is stunning (but we might be a tad bit biased). Actually, our vintage weddings photo gallery is only brushing the surface of this gorgeous versatile venue of ours and all the beautiful vintage weddings we’ve seen. To see even more wedding ideas check out our vintage weddings blog!

Looking for vintage wedding ideas? You’re in luck! Vintage weddings are our favorite. We love seeing every new amazing idea of how you’re using old (or new) things to personalize your vintage wedding. From garden weddings to casual lakeside weddings, we’ve seen it all and love every single one.

Vintage Weddings With a Custom Touch

Personal Note From Our Manager

What an amazing time to be a bride planning a wedding in Georgia! When I was married, there were no television shows about vintage weddings with gorgeous ceremonies, cakes, and exquisite wedding dresses, and definitely not countless websites or magazines showing off the latest trends.

Even with all that, one of the best things about being a modern bride is the never-ending depth of DIY wedding ideas out there. Pinterest is a bride’s best friend when it comes to budget-friendly vintage weddings. There are countless ways to create unique weddings, and there are fresh wedding ideas popping up on the internet every single day. Weddings can get expensive, but DIY websites have become the new money-saving plus for brides to be looking for affordable wedding venues in Georgia.

Finding a breathtaking wedding venue that gives you enough open space to create your own wedding style and wedding theme is so important. Our wedding venue can fit any outdoor wedding theme from rustic weddings, tea party themed vintage weddings, to elegant outdoor weddings. And, the best part? Spring Lake has no hidden charges. Our rustic barn wedding venue packages include tables, chairs, linens and beautiful lantern centerpieces for up to 200 guests. Our scenery is simply so beautiful, it needs no decorations, but is ready to be adorned with any bride’s personal style or theme. Happy Wedding Planning!

Spring Lake Events Manager

Want even more vintage weddings?

We know you want to see even more photos of our gorgeous venue. Head on over to our facebook page or our blog about vintage weddings to see some of the latest vintage weddings here at Spring Lake!