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6 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

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6 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For Vintage Weddings We know you are excited to go out shopping and looking for vintage wedding dresses! And we are sure you have already pinned so many examples to your pinterest board, but we gather some need-to-know tips for wedding dress shopping before you go. Set A Dress Budget Before you decide on anything, first decide on a budget for your dress. Dresses can range from $500 up into the thousands. So it is important to first sit down with your spouse-to-be, and set a budget for the entire wedding and make sure to factor in to how much you are able to spend on your dress.  Shop Ahead As Early As You Can After you have set up and decided what your budget is going to be, try to start shopping around as early as you can, especially if you plan to really [...]

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Wedding Trends for 2021

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2021 Wedding Trends With 2021 just beginning, we are so excited to share the new trends that come with the new year and with vintage weddings in 2021!  The Wedding Welcome Box We have heard of wedding welcome bags, now there is wedding welcome boxes! With everyone on the curve of making weddings socially safe with the worry of covid, hand sanitizer and masks are a must and obvious add on to your box. Some couples have their wedding date or initials monogrammed onto the mask and hand sanitizer to put a fun spin on it. You can also include in the box the program for the ceremony and reception, as well as small trinkets or samples of some of the bride and groom's favorite things. It can range from something simple as a water bottle and some local pastries to bottles of their favorite wine. The whole idea of [...]

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5 Things To Avoid for DIY Weddings

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Things To Avoid for DIY Weddings Everyone wants to be able to save money when it comes to planning for your wedding. Wedding expenses can add up, and they add up fast. So wherever and whenever you can, people try to save money. A lot of people do this by either cutting out certain things or by doing it themselves! However, DIY sometimes can do more harm than good. Here is a list of 5 Things to avoid when deciding to DIY. DIY Wedding Dress Your wedding dress is something that is so incredibly special for your big day! Getting to go try on dresses with your friends and family is part of the fun! Why miss out? However, some people feel bold enough to try and create their own wedding dress. Unless you are a fashion designer or already well-versed in the world of creating your own clothes, it [...]

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New Trend: Reception Snacks!

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Late Night Reception Snacks! When it comes to having a reception late into the night, your guests tend to start feeling snacky. Not everyone wants to have another full meal or maybe the food has already been  put away. Some late night snacks are the perfect remedy to keep your vintage wedding guests satisfied all night! Salty Wedding Snacks Salty foods are so yummy! And they are the perfect snack to pair with basically any beer. Here are some of our favorites that you can serve at your reception! You can have a fun popcorn bar that has an assortment of flavors that you can add on top of your popcorn. Like caramel, ranch, and even jalapenos! (Don’t knock it till you try it!) You can also serve soft pretzels with a side of melted cheese or some people enjoy mustard. Another popular one is french fries! Everyone loves french [...]

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Should You Get A Groom’s Cake?

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What is a Grooms Cake, and Where Did It Come From? One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, it is going to choose your wedding cake! You get to taste different flavors with different frostings and designs. A lot of people look forward to this part of wedding planning. As you are finishing up choosing what kind of cake you want, there is a question of deciding if you want a groom's cake or not. Grooms cake came from a long standing tradition where during Victorian weddings, three cakes were served. A slice of wedding cake, a slice of brides cake and a slice of grooms cake. Wedding cake was served to the guests, the brides cake was served to the bridesmaids and the groom's cake was served to the groomsmen. This tradition was adapted by southern grooms and brides, but put their own spin on it. [...]

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Weddings During The Covid Era

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Wedding Tips For Covid With everyone wanting to encourage and implement safe practices during their wedding ceremonies and receptions, we have come up with a list of tips to help with that! Have A Love for Movies? Lots of couples bond over their favorite movies, so we wanted to incorporate that! A lot of things are coming back into style, and drive-in movie theaters are one of them! They are the perfect solution to practicing social distancing by staying in the car while they enjoy the show. Now incorporate that idea into your wedding, you can host a drive-in wedding! With all your guests pulled up in a spacious and beautiful field watching on a huge movie screen your intimate ceremony. You can also hire food trucks such as taco trucks and ice cream trucks to help serve your guests! It gives the perfect feeling of reliving the drive-in theme [...]

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Read This Before You Plan A Wedding Champagne Toast

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Should You Do A Champagne Toast At Your Wedding? In recent years, less and less people are choosing to have a champagne toast at their wedding, so we are going to break down the pros and cons to help you decide what is best for your vintage wedding in Georgia! The Cost Champagne alone is incredibly expensive, and a lot of times, the majority of it is thrown away. Even if you try to get a cheaper version of champagne, people will notice and have a lot of opinions on it. A lot of people can be really picky about their champagne as well. Some like it sweeter, and others like to have it more tart. There is no pleasing everyone.  Children Attending If you are having a wedding where children are welcome, then you may have to take into consideration that they will throw a tantrum because they don’t [...]

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Best Tips For Keeping The Dance Floor Full All Night Long

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Best Tips For Keeping The Dance Floor Full All Night Long Your reception is one of the biggest parts of your wedding, and the biggest part of your reception is dancing! You cashed out the money to hire either a DJ or a band so you want to keep the dance floor full and your guests happy! So we have some tips on what to do to help keep the dance floor full and flowing all night long at your Georgia vintage wedding. Space You want to make sure that there is enough space for your guests to dance. This is why it is so important to consider how large you need your venue with how many guests you plan to invite. If you have a lot of guests then you need to consider how large the dance floor needs to be. Also if you plan to have children at [...]

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Surprising Ways To Add Flowers To Your Wedding

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Unexpected Places To Add Flowers At Your Wedding When planning for your wedding, it is easy to get carried away with the flowers! The problem is making it that all the flowers aren’t overwhelming or tacky. So we have a few solutions to help you add flowers in unexpected places to your Georgia vintage wedding that will add class and elegance! The Wedding Floral Backdrop Everyone wants IG worthy photos of your wedding, you can add a beautiful wall of flowers! Having a backdrop with stunning flowers you have chosen for your dream wedding will be sure to leave everyone else's jaws dropping! You can add this floral backdrop near the entrance, or during your ceremony and even during the reception. It will make for the perfect background that will have everyone lining up to take gorgeous selfies in front of it. You can even add a little more spice [...]

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How To Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake?

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Should You Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake? There is a long standing tradition of freezing the top layer of your wedding cake! This tradition stems from a traditional practice from the 1900’s of saving the top layer of the wedding cake and had used it for their first childs’ christening. Now it changed and adapted into the vintage wedding tradition we practice today.  Is it worth it? One of the first questions asked when it comes to saving the top layer of the wedding is: “Is it worth it?” People become very skeptical when it comes to saving a piece of cake in their freezer for a year. Whether it is due to making sure it does not get freezer burn or not having enough space in your freezer. It is controversial, some people loved it and thought that it was definitely worth saving it. Some didn’t [...]

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