Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

What could be a more fitting celebration of your love than having your wedding on Valentine’s Day? Here are fifteen of our favorite romantic Valentine’s Day wedding ideas that are sure to inspire you to higher heights of romance.

  1. Instead of table numbers…label each table with the word “love” or “kiss” written in beautiful calligraphy in different languages.
  2. Use LOVE Balloons…in your reception decorations or when posing for photographs. You can even set up a station where guests can enjoy posing for a romantic LOVE photo with the balloons as well.
  3. Cupid’s bow and arrow…make for a super cute decorating theme. You can use the bow and arrow theme in beautiful and unexpected ways throughout your wedding ceremony and reception.
  4. Think pink… A fun and delicious pink tinted cocktail makes for a subtle Valentine’s Day wedding addition.
  5. Have your guests shower you with rose petals…instead of rice as you leave the ceremony site. You can make a cone to hold rose petals for each of your guests by rolling up and securing sheets of music or calligraphed love poems.
  6. Serve pink macaroons…these delicious cookies first gained popularity in Paris, city of love, and are delicate and delightful.
  7. Paper your table…with love poetry, pages from your favorite romantic novel, or sheet music from love songs instead of tablecloths. You can also piece these together to make a wedding aisle runner, or use scraps of paper to write the names of your guests and their table numbers on.
  8. Heart-shaped…boutonnieres add an unexpected Valentine’s day touch to your groom and groomsmen’s attire. Another idea is heart-shaped programs or table cards, or elegant, heart-shaped wreaths.
  9. Set the scene for romance…with pink chairs, settees, and chaise lounges at your reception, or even for your ceremony. For your reception and cocktail hour create intimate little seating arrangements in pink with delicate, romantic touches that your guests will love.
  10. Decorate your wedding cake…with heart-shaped candies. Or create your entire cake in the shape of a heart.
  11. Arrange reception seating…in giant X’s and O’s (for hugs and kisses) for an unexpected Valentine’s Day nod that might only be noticeable from an aerial view.
  12. Slip a little red…into your wedding day ensemble with a romantic red hairpiece, red shows, red ribbon or lace, or a dramatic ruby piece of jewelry.
  13. Edible flower petals…make for a delicious and elegant addition to cupcakes, cookies, drinks, and more.
  14. Make the music romantic…and play nothing but your favorite love songs all night long.
  15. Decorate your reception…and ceremony with showy red and pink blossoms such as roses, red calla lilies, red ranunculus, and anemones.

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Have a romantic and love filled Valentine’s Day, and remember, even if you don’t have your wedding on Valentine’s Day you can still incorporate some of these romantic and fun Valentine’s Day wedding ideas into your big day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!