Wedding Lawn Games

Outdoor weddings are fun and so fantastic.  When the weather is nice like it is during the summer and fall nothing beats them.  There is something so beautiful and romantic about professing your love to one another underneath a big blue sky, amidst gently swaying trees and, if you booked a venue like Spring Lake Events, in front of a beautiful serene lake.  There is also so much freedom to be found with an outdoor wedding, breaking out of the four walls of a reception hall and opening up so much space for your guests to mill around and enjoy themselves on the grounds of your venue location.

To really up the ante and make the most of a beautiful, expansive outdoor wedding venue, it could be really fun to add in some lawn games for your guests to enjoy in between the big wedding events.  Lawn games can be a winning choice for any style wedding and can be made to fit into any theme.  Read on for tips and ideas on incorporating lawn games into your wedding.

Choosing Wedding Games

Instead of littering the lawn with all the games you can find, pick something that means something to you.  Did you and your betrothed meet at a summer camp and fall in love over a friendly game of horseshoes?  Did your bond begin to form when you discovered that you had both been captains of your high school chess club?  Games with a little bit of backstory will lend a romantic air to what may otherwise just be another game of cornhole.  Add a little extra: Write up the story of why that game is significant in your love story and post it somewhere beside the game for your guests to read and enjoy.

Games to Compliment Your Wedding Theme

A game of horseshoes might fit in perfectly with your rustic western wedding theme.  A game of croquet could be the perfect compliment to your elegant Victorian wedding.  Limbo would light up the eyes of your guests at your Hawaiian luau themed wedding.  Get the idea?  With a little creativity, you can find the perfect game to compliment the theme of your wedding and delight your guests.

Wedding Style

You can use the colors and styles in the design of the game to match your wedding decorations.  For example, it could be fun to paint big wooden rings for the ring toss to look like your gold wedding bands.  Paint the cornhole board with your entwined initials in your wedding colors.  Or, as this wedding game article from The Knot suggests, write romantic or funny tidbits about you and your intended on giant Jenga blocks that your guests can stack up.  Add a little extra:  Bonus points if you can turn a game or a game piece into a party favor or a memento for you and your spouse to enjoy in the future.

Wedding Games for Wedding Venues

Be sure to scout out your wedding venue in advance and talk to your wedding planner or the venue staff about what you are thinking on doing and where you envision setting the games up.  The staff and/or your wedding planner are sure to have great insight when it comes to where the best places will be to set up your fun game, and also some invaluable advice on flow, timing, and much more.

Less is more

You might LOVE games and be super excited to have a dozen of your absolute favorite lawn games all going at the same time in between the ceremony and the reception, but we are going to counsel that in this case, less is most definitely more.  Stick to between one to three games, or as this blogger on Style Me Pretty suggests, two to three games per one hundred guests to keep the focus of the day from shifting too far away from you and the celebration of your nuptials. Too many games and your wedding may begin to look more like a carnival than a wedding.

Wedding Lawn Games for Georgia Weddings

Have fun dreaming up the perfect wedding lawn game to delight your guests and complete your wedding day!