Wedding planning can be very overwhelming, but Spring Lake Events is here to support you! We’ve made a list of the 4 most common wedding planning mistakes that we see and what you can do to avoid them!

Letting Stress Rule. 

Stress is a silent monster that creeps up on almost everyone at some point but is most commonly found when planning major events. Don’t feed the monster! 

Balance is tough to achieve in anything in life, but strive to find balance here so that you don’t end up resenting this season. Somewhere in between chill and stress-induced agita is where you want to fall. Make it enjoyable, but be in control. 

Not Doing Trials. 

There are lots of opportunities for “trials” before the wedding, and you should take advantage of every single one! 

Some people might assume that based on a recommendation from someone they know and trust that they can skip this step and save themselves some time. You never know when you and a vendor might run into creative differences, so make sure you are choosing carefully and making them work for it! 

For food, always request a tasting! Don’t be afraid to ask for small changes on the menu and make it something you will love and your guests will love. 

Schedule some Save the Date photos or an engagement shoot with the photographer you’re considering strongly for the wedding. You might think you like their style only to find you have no chemistry with them while taking pictures, and that could be a deal-breaker. 

Did you choose your hair or makeup person based on someone else’s photos? Make sure you give them a try too! Your face is different than that bride’s face, and you need to make sure you like how you look when they’re done making you over! Schedule it before your bachelorette party for some added fun! 

Booking Without a Budget.

You might think you have an “idea” of a budget, so you quickly jump on something you are SURE you want for your wedding…only to sit down and crunch the numbers and realize you forgot a few calculations. 

Don’t jump the gun! You should always sit down first and come up with a FIRM budget. Leave yourself some wiggle room for things you may forget or change your mind about further down the line. Just don’t spend your money before knowing how much you have! This will lead to stress and remember, we don’t want stress. Stress is not a friend of wedding planning. 

The 10% Rule. 

When planning a wedding, you might have a few family members who will assure you that “about 10% of your guest list will RSVP no!”

This leads to over inviting. Let’s paint the picture here:

You assume this to be the case, you overindulge on sending out invitations to people you don’t want to exclude, and only….2% RSVP no. Now you are over your capacity, may not have room for everyone, and are probably going to end up spending more money for the venue to try and accommodate those people (eh hem, see the section on budgeting. Always leave that wiggle room!)

Having this general idea in the back of your head might be okay, but it is NOT a firm and guaranteed thing. You need to assume that everyone you invite will want to see your beautiful self walk down the aisle and that all of them will have somewhere to sit. 

At Spring Lake Events, we have seen enough mistakes to know how to handle them, so don’t ever hesitate to ask our advice to avoid these! These four are just the tip of the iceberg. Mistakes are okay. No one is perfect! But we keep circling back to one point, and that is to remain as STRESS FREE as possible. So stay tuned for future posts about common mistakes and save yourselves the headache. Brides don’t deserve headaches!