Weddings are about a lot of things. It is a sacred ceremony where you and your beloved are bound to one another for life before your family and friends. It is a beautiful time of celebration of your love. And weddings are also…a lot of FUN!

Undoubtedly fun is one of the things that you most certainly want to incorporate into your wedding reception. In light of that, here are 7 ideas to up the fun at your wedding reception.

Send out a song request card

A great way to get people involved in the dance party at your reception and help them get into a fun groove is to send out a song request card with the invitations. Have your guests write down one or two songs that they would love to dance to at the reception and then use the returned cards to make a playlist for your DJ.

Set up a photo booth

Nothing says fun like an old-fashioned photo booth where your guests can make their own keepsakes by posing with their pals. To up the fun quotient even further, provide an array of quirky and creative props themed around your wedding theme that your guests can use to really ham it up.

Arrange an after party

If you want to really keep the fun going, arrange an after party at a local karaoke bar or dancing club. Gather together your hardcore partying guests and get to boogieing the night away even further!

Get grub from some food trucks

There is something so incredibly fun about getting food and drink from a food truck, not to mention delicious. Have a food truck, beer truck, or delicious dessert truck at your wedding reception and the vibe will instantly become more festive. Your guests will enjoy queueing up to get some tasty treats.

Play some wedding games

It can be a lot of fun to set up some game stations at your wedding reception that guests can try their hand at and indulge their competitive sides. Croquet, cornhole, and giant checkers or chess are just a few popular options for wedding games. Check out this article for some other fun wedding game ideas.

Hire entertainment

It is becoming more and more popular to hire entertainers to put on a show or create one-of-a-kind art for your guests. This will definitely pump up the fun, and make your wedding an event to remember! Check out this article for some more in-depth hired entertainment ideas for your wedding reception.

Have a fun food station

Food and drink stations are all the rage, and for good reason! Set up a fun hot chocolate bar, nacho bar, sundae bar, taco station, or almost anything delicious that you might imagine and watch the fun unfold. It provides a place to mingle, something to do, and something delicious to snack on all at once; in short —the ultimate in wedding reception fun.

Hopefully this article spurred some ideas for you to help you to up the fun at your wedding reception. Have fun planning the wedding reception of your dreams!