Wedding Entertainment Ideas

You invited your most favorite people in the whole world to your vintage wedding. (Okay. So some of them are your mom’s favorite people…but still…) And you want them to live it up and have a great time celebrating your union with your dearest sweetheart. One way to accomplish that is with alcohol. Easy and done. But what if you aren’t serving alcohol (or enough to liven the party)? Or maybe your mom invited a few too many of her friends and you’re afraid there will be an entire section of fuddie duddies. Then what?

How do you entertain wedding guests?

Never fear! Your friends at Spring Lake are here to the rescue! We’ve found some awesome ideas on Pinterest to keep your guests engaged while you’re busy celebrating.

If you’re not serving alcohol for religious reasons, you’ll probably love our first tip. Have your guests highlight their favorite verse in the Bible for you and your sweetheart to go back and read later. Now not only will you get some new favorite Bible verses out of the deal, but you’ll be creating an incredible family heirloom that you can pass down through the ages. Want to sweeten the deal? See if you can inherit a bible from someone you love like a mother or grandfather.

Have your guests help you create a list of date night ideas! You’ll get some fun ideas for later on down the road when the fireworks die down after you return home from your honeymoon. And believe me, dinner and a movie does lose it’s sparkle after a few years. ;)

So, want take the date night idea and make it awesome? How about let your guests help you create a couple’s bucket list?  Not only will this totally add to your date night list (because we know no one is going to say go to dinner and a movie for this list), but you’ll be having a blast and sharing experiences together as a new married couple. Even the not-so-pleasant list ideas will be amazing for you as individuals and a couple. You can totally up the ante with this idea by taking photos when you check an item off your bucket list and sending it to the original lister. They’ll love it that you actually did their idea.

So, the bucket list and date night list just isn’t your thing? We get it. Casual is your style. How about letting your guests write you a note. They can give advice, date night ideas and even bible verses on their own accord. It’s like a guest interaction free-for-all, right? You get the best of all the worlds. But consider yourself warned. Unless you give your guests ideas of what to write, you’ll be reading a lot of well-wishes and bits of advice.

How can I make my wedding fun?

One last idea. And you’ve heard it before, but it works every time and is awesome when alcohol is involved and when it isn’t. Photobooth. Yes. It’s one of the ultimate guest entertainment ideas (aside from a cash volcano or something crazy like that) out there. The best part? It’s so easy to DIY the whole thing from start to finish.

Well. There you have it! Your guide to keeping your guests enjoying the celebration while you party the night away!