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Songs NOT to Play at Your Wedding

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Songs You Should NOT Play at Your Wedding During a wedding, almost anyone's favorite part is the reception. Specifically, when the DJ starts playing songs and the dance floor is open. However, there is a list of songs you should NOT play at your wedding, and we have that list for you! The Overplayed Songs that are overplayed usually don’t make people want to get up and dance. They most likely will annoy them into leaving. So make sure to avoid this set of songs: Single Ladies by Beyonce | This is also another classic and people love Beyonce but it is just a tired song for wedding receptions now. Y.M.C.A. by Village People |  Of course this song is a classic, however it has been overplayed so many times at weddings. It is time to give this song back to the last century. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke | [...]

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The Best Holiday Wedding Themes

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The Best Holiday Themes for Your Wedding Every wedding needs a theme, some couples prefer simple color schemes, others want to go all out and pull out all the stops. Here are the reasons why having a holiday wedding can be very beneficial in the long run as well as make your big day perfect. Valentines There are plenty of people who hate Valentine's day, there are just as many people who love it. So many couples get engaged on this day as well as decide right then and there to get married and head to vegas. There is also the stigma of getting married on Valentine's day of it being tacky or even bad luck, but let's change that! Getting married on Valentines has so many benefits!  For example, getting married on this day makes it more personal. Not only is it just a holiday but your anniversary.  It [...]

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5 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

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5 Creative Ideas for Wedding Favors Having wedding favors for your guests have become almost a contest for who can give out the best favors. So here are some creative ideas on what to put in your wedding favors that will have your guests light up with excitement! Casual These are great for a wedding that is going for a more casual or rustic look that focuses on the artisan side of wedding favors. Examples:  Small potted plant (Can be put in a mason jar). Potted Succulents (A cute plant that is hard to kill). Mini Bouquets (Wrap them in rustic butcher paper of burlap fabric to give it a unique look). Jar of Salsa (A perfect favor for the guests who love the spicier things in life). Travel Candle (Small chic candles that have a crisp scent). Fancy These are perfect for weddings that are going for a sleek [...]

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5 Fresh Themes for Guest Welcome Bags

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5 Fresh Themes for Guest Welcome-Bags Welcome bags are the perfect way to say hello to your vintage wedding guests!  Generally most welcome bags contain treats, trinkets and information about your celebration as well as info about the area your wedding is taking place. Here are 5 fresh ideas on what to include in your guest welcome bag! Meet the Locals This guest bag includes all the local delicacies and helps out-of-towners feel comfortable. It also includes cute and unique trinkets that perfectly sums up your city’s or town’s characteristics. Examples: Local favorite pastry shop: Cookies, candy or anything else that is easily packaged. Organic soap shop: Bars of soap or bath bombs. Gift Card: A $10 gift card to take to a local hotspot. (Coffee shop, diner, etc.) Samples from local wineries or breweries. Trinkets: Unique (not tacky) keyrings, magnets, shot glasses, pens, etc. with your town’s or city’s [...]

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Sample Wedding Day Timeline

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How to Create a Wedding Day Timeline To ensure the day of the wedding will run smoothly is by creating a great timeline for the day! By creating a timeline it helps you, your groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen stay on track! It not only helps them, but will also help your vendors and photographer know when to show up as well as start setting up to prepare. Now we all know about making sure we are all on time to the wedding and when the reception starts, however, that is not enough! There are many moving and working parts within a wedding. Whether it is out on display for everyone to see, or behind the scenes helping make the magic. This is only all possible when every working part is on a schedule/ timeline. So lets start in the beginning. (12:00 PM) Hair and makeup artists should be starting. Hair [...]

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Instagram Wedding Inspiration for Vintage Weddings

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Instagram Wedding Inspiration Notice: None of these accounts are affiliated or sponsored. A lot of people look to Pinterest and their magical boards for beautiful vintage wedding inspiration and ideas, however instagram is also a great source to look to as well! We will take a look at 5 great Instagram accounts that are based off of all things weddings! Pure Wedding Inspiration  Now this account that I came across is so incredibly beautiful. It is managed by a blogger that lives in Vancouver and has captured breathtaking photos for all different types of weddings. There are also tons of beautiful videos that give the viewer just a bit more experience that goes beyond a simple photo. This account has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you are having a wedding inside a wonderful chapel or on a chic rustic farm in the middle of nowhere. They also [...]

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7 Wedding Trends to Avoid

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7 Wedding Trends to Avoid There are always plenty of trends every bride will see and fall in love with, however, trends always come and go faster than you can blink. So here are some wedding trends to avoid this year so you don’t fall victim. Complicated Hashtags Now using wedding hashtags can come in handy when you have your guests posting online and sharing intimate moments online, however if your hashtag proves to be too complicated than it takes the fun out of it. Use a simple and easy hashtag versus a long version of you and your spouses names mashed up together. Doughnut Walls Yes, doughnut walls have become a unique trend however there are to many negatives that come with it. Not everyone may be able to enjoy a doughnut due to allergies. Doughnuts are also a sticky mess that may end up ruining one of your [...]

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When Should I Have A Wedding?

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The Best Times Of The Year For Weddings Across The Country When it comes to trying to find the best time to get married it definitely depends on the location you want the wedding. Here are the best months to get married based on the location of your wedding venue to have the perfect ceremony and reception. East Coast Beach Weddings Having a wedding on the East Coast whether it’s is all the way up north towards Maine or all the way south in Florida, there are a lot of beautiful spots to have your ceremony. However there are key times and months of when you should hold your wedding. For the states that are located up North such as Maine and Connecticut, the best months to hold your wedding are the summer months. They are typically colder states since they are up north, June, July and August are your [...]

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