5 Creative Ideas for Wedding Favors

Having wedding favors for your guests have become almost a contest for who can give out the best favors. So here are some creative ideas on what to put in your wedding favors that will have your guests light up with excitement!

  1. Casual

These are great for a wedding that is going for a more casual or rustic look that focuses on the artisan side of wedding favors.


  • Small potted plant (Can be put in a mason jar).
  • Potted Succulents (A cute plant that is hard to kill).
  • Mini Bouquets (Wrap them in rustic butcher paper of burlap fabric to give it a unique look).
  • Jar of Salsa (A perfect favor for the guests who love the spicier things in life).
  • Travel Candle (Small chic candles that have a crisp scent).
  1. Fancy

These are perfect for weddings that are going for a sleek and classy look that are still focusing on saving a little money.

  • A bottle of wine from your local winery (A great way to support your local shops).
  • Macarons (A cute option for desert and a take-home party favor).
  • Bottle Cold Brew Coffee (After a long night of partying, a nice cold brew coffee is a great way to wake up to the next morning).
  • Fragrant Coffee Beans (Wrapping them in a beautiful cloth will not only give off a great smell, but also allows your guest to enjoy the roast the next morning).
  1. Fun

These are great for weddings that will have kids attending, these favors will help keep them entertained for a little bit!

  • Jar of Honey (with a sweet message).
  • Beautiful Paper Fan (Great for a summer wedding to help cool your guests).
  • DIY Candy Bar (Allows guests to pick out their own candies to take home).
  • Ice Pops/ Popsicles (A refreshing snack for guests at the end of the night).
  • Hot Chocolate mix (Great for a winter wedding and a unique idea)
  1. Memorable

These are perfect for wedding favors that you want the guests to keep forever and have special mementos to help them remember your big day.

  • Flower Bulbs (A great gift, especially for a spring wedding).
  • Flower Crowns (Using fake flowers will ensure the flower crown will last forever).
  • Petite Lantern Decor (Not only do they serve as adorable table centerpieces but also a great party favor for your guests to take home).
  • Polaroid Pictures (Photo Booths are becoming quite popular and it is a great way to let guests take fun photos).
  1. Customized

These are great if you want customized favors for your guest to make them feel special and that you are excited to share your big day with them.

  • Embroidered Handkerchiefs (Can have your wedding date and names on it).
  • Candy (many different candies can be customized to fit your needs).
  • Chic Hand Sanitizers (Can have initials on it or any personalized message).
  • Personalized Donut Bags (Perfect for showing a sweet union between the bride and groom).
  • Custom Wedding Flip Flops (Not only can the guest take them home, but also dance with them at the reception when feet begin to hurt from dancing in fancy shoes).