The Best Holiday Themes for Your Wedding

Every wedding needs a theme, some couples prefer simple color schemes, others want to go all out and pull out all the stops. Here are the reasons why having a holiday wedding can be very beneficial in the long run as well as make your big day perfect.


There are plenty of people who hate Valentine’s day, there are just as many people who love it. So many couples get engaged on this day as well as decide right then and there to get married and head to vegas. There is also the stigma of getting married on Valentine’s day of it being tacky or even bad luck, but let’s change that!

Getting married on Valentines has so many benefits! 

  • For example, getting married on this day makes it more personal. Not only is it just a holiday but your anniversary. 
  • It is also a perfect way to help you remember your anniversary. With tons of signs, commercials, candies, flowers, it is hard to forget!
  • Since it is still in the season of winter, there is a possibility of snow! Making it a romantic anniversary to be curled up by the fire with your partner.

4th Of July

  • There is always a ton of debate about having your wedding on this particular holiday, so we will help you set the record straight.
  • When it comes to holiday weekends, there is usually a lot of availability since there isn’t a huge demand for venues or photographers.
  • Venues also tend to have lower costs during holiday weekends.
  • It is also acceptable to have fireworks at your wedding. Not only will it help to make your big day even more memorable but also fun for everyone as they wish you and your new hubby or wife off with sparklers.
  • With having a holiday wedding you also get more days off. There is paid time off thanks to holidays, you now get more time to spend with your partner and plan a longer honeymoon.


Having your wedding on Halloween is a bold statement and can also bring a stigma of spooky superstitions. So let’s change this negative stigma and show the benefits of having your wedding on this day.

  • Vendors are in less demand on this holiday. So this means that you are more likely able to get your dream venue and possibly get it at a great price.
  • Even though it is a major holiday travel interference shouldn’t be a problem. The tickets for airlines aren’t as expensive as other holidays would be.
  • It is also in the season of fall, giving you a wide variety of different plants, flowers, pumpkins and gords. 
  • When looking into color schemes it is also more acceptable to use darker colors even black. 
  • This is also the perfect opportunity to try a bolder and darker look for the bride, lot’s of brides experiment with the idea of a black wedding dress.


A Christmas wedding can be difficult to have on the actual day of Christmas, but there are still benefits to having one during this cherished time.

  • The decor that is available for a christmas wedding is elegant and classy.
  • A romantic time to get married thanks to the snow giving it a magical effect.
  • Thanks to Christmas, there is also paid vacation time and more available days to spend your honeymoon.
  • This is the time for families, so it is a perfect opportunity to have your wedding when your whole family is planning to be together anyways.
  • Your wedding photographs are also going to be amazing thanks to the snowy backgrounds that winter has to offer.

New Years Eve

Having your wedding on New Years Eve definitely isn’t a new idea. However, many seem to be opposed to the idea. Here are some reasons to change the negative stands against it.

  • This is the perfect opportunity to go all out on your wedding! Sparkles and sparklers are the main theme.
  • It also makes it hard to forget your anniversary ever again. Making the holiday more personal and fun.
  • Most friends and families get together and dress on this holiday anyways which makes it perfect for a wedding.
  • The atmosphere is fun and exciting, a great way to start off a celebration for your big day.