Instagram Wedding Inspiration

Notice: None of these accounts are affiliated or sponsored.

A lot of people look to Pinterest and their magical boards for beautiful vintage wedding inspiration and ideas, however instagram is also a great source to look to as well! We will take a look at 5 great Instagram accounts that are based off of all things weddings!

Pure Wedding Inspiration 

Now this account that I came across is so incredibly beautiful. It is managed by a blogger that lives in Vancouver and has captured breathtaking photos for all different types of weddings. There are also tons of beautiful videos that give the viewer just a bit more experience that goes beyond a simple photo. This account has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you are having a wedding inside a wonderful chapel or on a chic rustic farm in the middle of nowhere. They also show off brides unique dresses as well as decor that you have only seen in your dreams. This account is a wonderful place to get your next wedding inspiration.

Instagram Account: @wedding.inspiration

For the DIY’ers

There are many wonderful accounts that are on instagram, but one of my favorite DIY wedding accounts is this one. They have a little something for everyone, they show you how you can preserve your bouquet in a shadow box along with other memorable items from your wedding day. They also have tons of cute ideas you can use at your own wedding, such as having a bucket of flip flops for your guests who have a harder time dancing in heels. This account has so many fresh and wonderful ideas to incorporate into your wedding that I haven’t even seen on Pinterest that will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams while keeping it DIY.

Instagram Account: @wedding__diy

Lovely Flowers

Now this account is a business account, however they are amazing and revolutionizing the idea of making your own DIY flower arrangement and bouquet. Now let me explain what I mean, when you go onto their website you choose from a pre designed arrangement of flowers (for those of us who aren’t savvy with flower arrangements). Once that is done you can go in and select what you want specifically in the bouquet or what you want removed. Then it is shipped to you within 2-3 days, they even offer overnight shipping. And that is it! Now for the brides who have a tighter budget to stick to and can’t afford it, the photos of their arrangements are absolutely stunning and wonderful examples to get your inspiration from! There are hundreds of different, beautiful and unique combinations to look at.

Instagram Account: @kukkaflowers

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Gallery is the name of this account and it displays tons of wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses for inspiration. They also showcase the newest collections from top designers. There are so many dresses that go with any body shape and for anyone’s taste. Every single dress is jaw dropping and will make anyone excited for their wedding. There are hundreds of styles from minimalistic, to silk, to beautiful beads to a more conservative look. There are even inspiration for beautiful little flower girls!

Instagram Account: @weddingdressesguide

All Things Wedding

This is an account that is connected to a bridal blog and it is one of my absolute favorites! There is so much that it can be a little overwhelming but it’s totally worth it. It shows bridal fittings, sweet proposals, cute drink options for your wedding, adorable first dances and drool worthy wedding locations. They also showcase wedding hairstyles all the way to wedding cakes that look too beautiful to eat. This page literally has a little piece of everything and makes me excited for my own wedding in the future.

Instagram Account: @weddingforward