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Best Songs for Your Wedding Playlist

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Best Songs for Your Wedding Playlist Have you tackled the songs for your wedding yet? This is usually something that gets pushed to the very end as there are more pressing things to be working on to prepare for your big day! We thought we’d lend you a hand by giving you some options for great songs to use on your big day at our wedding venue in Georgia. 10 Songs for walking down the Aisle  Unique A Thousands Years by Christyina Perri Beautiful songs that you could play at any occasion including being walked down the aisle, it’s incredibly moving.  Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Burwell, Dan Redfeld and Elizabeth Hedman For those of you who don’t know, yes this song is from Twilight but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic piece! Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls This has always been one of my favorite songs, respect to [...]

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Fun Alternative Wedding Activities That Are Actually Fun!

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Fun Alternative Wedding Activities Of course dancing is great entertainment for your guests at the wedding reception in the barn, but here are some fun alternative ideas to have your guests enjoy in addition! Games Giant Jenga - It’s already a competitive game in its regular size, but kick it up to jumbo size? Let the fun begin! Caricatures - A fun memory for your guests to keep from your wedding! It’s one of the few times they don’t mind being drawn with a large head and tiny bodies. Don’t forget to snap photos of your favorite ones to keep in your photo album to look back on later!  Sack Racing - People love to prove themselves when it comes to racing in a bunch of sacks across the lawn. Especially when your competitive uncle tries to out race your kid cousins. Table Games - Nobody likes sitting at a [...]

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5 Non-Cheesy Bridal Shower Games That Are Actually Fun!

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5 Great Bridal Shower Games He Said, She Said Bridal shower games are some of the most memorable parts about the party! Start with a fun guessing game of “He Said, She Said”. It’s a fun game to get to know the couple and to also see who wears the pants in the relationship! Here are some questions to use!  Who Made the First Move? Who Paid for the First Date? Who said “I love you First?” Who initiated the First Kiss? Who told their parents about their partner first? Who is more Romantic? Who is more patient? Who is the better Cook? Who is the better Dancer? Who is the better Planner? Who wakes up Earlier? Who is planning the Honeymoon? Who picked out the ring? Who met the in-laws first? How well do you know the Bride? This is a fun game to see how well people actually [...]

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Ultimate Wedding Planning Tips

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Tips Wedding planning can be stressful even with an amazing Georgia wedding venue, so here are some tips of all sorts to help you get through the madness! Tips on Things You DON’T Need For An Awesome Wedding Although it’s traditional, you don’t need to provide wedding favors! It is a nice thought, but it is not necessary especially if you are feeding them and providing alcohol. A majority of those party favors that you spent hours planning over will most likely be forgotten at the reception and you’ll be stuck picking them up just to throw away. Same with menu cards and programs, these can be pricey and they are going to end up in the trash before the reception ends. DON’T GET THE DISPOSABLE CAMERAS! Everyone has cell phones and cameras of their own, don’t waste your money because they will just end up [...]

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Wedding Cake Inspiration

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Wedding Cakes In History Wedding cakes have varied throughout the years, and in recent years they have grown more simplistic yet elegant. We thought it would be fun to chat about how the wedding cake has transformed throughout the years to give you some inspiration for your own unique wedding cake! Let’s start in the 1800’s.  Queen Victoria’s Wedding: 1840 The cake stood 14 inches, 10 foot diameter in circumference and weighed about 300 lbs. It was incredibly detailed, with the couple on top and it even includes her dog in the details! Queen Victoria’s tastes ended up changing weddings forever! Previously brides wore red robes to their wedding’s, however Queen Victoria had other plans and unveiled her stunning bright white gown covered in lace for the world to see. Changing weddings to what we know them as today! Wedding Cake 1910’s Very simple but elegant one tier cake. It [...]

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Non-traditional Engagement Ring Options

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Options for a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Want a different take on the Traditional Diamond Engagement ring? Don’t get us wrong, the Diamond is a classic, but it wasn’t created till the 1940’s and there are plenty of other stones that were used prior to it. That was almost 100 years ago, so let's revisit the stones that were popular before then, that are just as beautiful! Pearls Pearls are a beautiful choice and organic! They may be a little harder to take care of, but with great care it will last a lifetime! There is also a uniqueness that comes with pearls, since they are made with an organic material that means they slowly absorb oils from your skin overtime. However, this doesn’t ruin it, in fact it improves it! It enhances the natural glow of the pearl. Sapphires  There are a few colors that sapphires display, the most common [...]

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How do you include mom in the wedding?

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How To Include Mom In The Wedding Whether you and your mom are locking arms to plan your wedding, or you work better planning events separately, there are so many memorable ways to include your mom in the wedding. Your wedding is a special day to a lot of people - especially your mom. We’ve laid out for you, our favorite ways we see brides incorporating mom into the event.  Use Something from Her Wedding There are so many ways to incorporate and repurpose things from your mom’s wedding into your own and will add a sentimental touch to the ceremony. You could have a piece of her vintage wedding dress sewn to yours, use her wedding veil, or repurpose some of her decorations. You could even ask if you could wear a piece of the jewelry that she wore for her wedding, whether that’s a necklace, earrings, or a [...]

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How to hold a virtual wedding?

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How to hold a virtual wedding? While couples all over the world are postponing their weddings, you and your partner may be ready to continue on with the marriage, regardless of what’s going on around you. If that sounds like you, a livestream wedding is a great option! Plus, you can still host the Wedding After Party at the Georgia wedding venue of your dreams!  As long as you have access to fast internet, you have what you need to perform the ceremony and stream it online! This is new territory for everyone, so we’ve decided to create a step-by-step guide to planning and executing your virtual wedding with an in-person reception to follow. Choose a Streaming Service It’s 2020, and the technology that you have at your fingertips is incredible! There are so many options for streaming online completely free. You just need to decide which will be most [...]

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