5 Great Bridal Shower Games

He Said, She Said

Bridal shower games are some of the most memorable parts about the party! Start with a fun guessing game of “He Said, She Said”. It’s a fun game to get to know the couple and to also see who wears the pants in the relationship! Here are some questions to use! 

  • Who Made the First Move?
  • Who Paid for the First Date?
  • Who said “I love you First?”
  • Who initiated the First Kiss?
  • Who told their parents about their partner first?
  • Who is more Romantic?
  • Who is more patient?
  • Who is the better Cook?
  • Who is the better Dancer?
  • Who is the better Planner?
  • Who wakes up Earlier?
  • Who is planning the Honeymoon?
  • Who picked out the ring?
  • Who met the in-laws first?

How well do you know the Bride?

This is a fun game to see how well people actually know you! You would be surprised how observant your friends are! And how clueless others are, but don’t worry it’s all in good fun! Some good questions to ask are: 

  • When is her birthday? 
  • What color are her eyes?
  • How many children does she want?
  • What is her drink of choice?
  • Where did she go to school?
  • What was her first job?
  • How old was she when she first met the groom?
  • Is she a dog or cat person?
  • Where was the bride born?
  • When was her first kiss?
  • What’s her shoe size?
  • What’s her favorite color?
  • What is her favorite TV show?
  • What’s her favorite band/artist?
  • What is her favorite type of food?
  • Who is her celeb crush?
  • Where would her dream vacation be?

Guess the Brides Age

This game is all about being observant! There will be several photos of the bride as she grew up throughout the years and you have to guess how old she is in each picture. Mix them up! They don’t have to be in order, who says you need to make it easy! Match the number to the number on the photograph and see who gets the closest answer!

Advice for the Future Mrs.

This can be a game and it could also be for something else later on in the party! Ask advice of your friends (even single ones), family, in-laws. It can be funny advice, sarcastic, but don’t turn down good advice! Also don’t let it get too serious where you can’t enjoy yourself!

  • Never let your husband _________
  • Always tell your husband ________
  • Never tell your husband ________
  • Always make your husband ________
  • Never forget your husband’s _________
  • Always remind your husband that he is _________
  • Never give your husband advice about _________
  • Always help your husband in the __________
  • Never assist your husband in the __________
  • Always try to __________ with your husband.
  • Never try to __________ with your husband.
  • Always give your husband __________
  • Never hide ________ from your husband.
  • Most importantly, always _________ your husband.
  • And never _____________________ your husband.
  • With love, ___________     (Don’t forget to sign your name!)

Match that Disney Love Song

This game is for the Die Hard Disney Fans! Because who doesn’t love at least one disney movie?! Connect the correct song to the correct movie! Of course they are love songs!