Fun Alternative Wedding Activities

Of course dancing is great entertainment for your guests at the wedding reception in the barn, but here are some fun alternative ideas to have your guests enjoy in addition!


Giant Jenga – It’s already a competitive game in its regular size, but kick it up to jumbo size? Let the fun begin!

Caricatures – A fun memory for your guests to keep from your wedding! It’s one of the few times they don’t mind being drawn with a large head and tiny bodies. Don’t forget to snap photos of your favorite ones to keep in your photo album to look back on later! 

Sack Racing – People love to prove themselves when it comes to racing in a bunch of sacks across the lawn. Especially when your competitive uncle tries to out race your kid cousins.

Table Games – Nobody likes sitting at a table with people they don’t know, so help them get acquainted! Try Mad Libs, Tic Tac Toe, or I Spy.

Wedding Bingo – It’s a great way to get your guests mingling! In order to win a prize they need to talk to the other guests and ask them about their lives. If they match one of the square’s descriptions, write their name in the empty space. Great conversation starter!

Media Booths

Photo Booth – Everyone loves a photobooth! Taking silly and fun pictures helps make a wedding memorable. The photos also are a great momento, ask for a copy of the ones you love, and want to look back on for future laughs! A themed booth relating to something special in you and your partner’s life will help your guests feel more involved.

Video Booth – A fun way to record you friends and family being silly! Ask them to share advice, share a story, make you laugh, or even sing off key! This will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Photo Guest Book – Instead of having people simply signing their names into a book, have them take a photo on a provided Polaroid camera. Have them paste the Polaroid in the book, sign their names, and leave advice or good wishes for the new couple.

Food Stations

Cotton Candy Machine – Perfect for your guests who love a little sugar fun in their lives. The kids will be occupied for hours!

Ice Cream Rolling Table – If you’ve never had rolled ice cream, you’re missing out! Find a vendor who is willing to work for a few hours during your reception and you won’t regret it. Entertaining and delicious!

Kid Activities

Lego Centerpieces – I know what you’re thinking, this is a little much, but just hear us out. Putting a pile of bricks as the centerpiece of the kid’s tables will have them entertained and occupied.

Coloring Station – A perfect way to make sure your wedding is memorable is to assemble a scrapbook of all the cute drawings created by the little artists in your lives. Don’t worry, the big kids can participate too!

Other Activities

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Offer your guests the chance to help your photographer out! Give them a list at the beginning of the wedding of things to look out for so they can snap a quick photo. Have your guests upload the pictures to a shared picture gallery and the winner gets a prize!