Options for a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Want a different take on the Traditional Diamond Engagement ring? Don’t get us wrong, the Diamond is a classic, but it wasn’t created till the 1940’s and there are plenty of other stones that were used prior to it. That was almost 100 years ago, so let’s revisit the stones that were popular before then, that are just as beautiful!


Pearls are a beautiful choice and organic! They may be a little harder to take care of, but with great care it will last a lifetime! There is also a uniqueness that comes with pearls, since they are made with an organic material that means they slowly absorb oils from your skin overtime. However, this doesn’t ruin it, in fact it improves it! It enhances the natural glow of the pearl.


There are a few colors that sapphires display, the most common are blue and pink. They are exquisite and they are one the strongest gemstones in existence. Not only are the beautiful to look at, but they are one of the favorites that royalty love to wear. Sapphires also cost less than diamonds.


These are perfect if you are looking for something very vintage and unique. Moonstones have always been thought to be good luck since ancient times as well as promoted harmonious relationships. They were also a very popular engagement ring back in Victorian times due to this belief. They can come in a few colors such as pink, blue, peach, yellow and even green. They are iridescent and the clearer the stone is, the more expensive it can cost. However, it is still a much cheaper option than diamonds.  


Opal is a unique and special option to have as a ring because to this day, scientists still aren’t sure how Opal is actually formed. It has been a source of inspiration for artists and creatives since ancient times and even called it Opalus, translating to “precious stone”.  Most precious opals have the appearance of blue, orange, red and yellow. However, there is a black opal and it is incredibly rare.

Raw Stone

If you still are looking for something a bit more unique, raw stones may be for you. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they give more of a natural look. Raw stones are stones that have had very minimum work done to them and give the bride more of a boho and earthy vibe. It can be a very simple look, but also a powerful one that is sure to make a statement no one will ever forget.