The Ultimate Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning can be stressful even with an amazing Georgia wedding venue, so here are some tips of all sorts to help you get through the madness!

Tips on Things You DON’T Need For An Awesome Wedding

Although it’s traditional, you don’t need to provide wedding favors! It is a nice thought, but it is not necessary especially if you are feeding them and providing alcohol. A majority of those party favors that you spent hours planning over will most likely be forgotten at the reception and you’ll be stuck picking them up just to throw away.

Same with menu cards and programs, these can be pricey and they are going to end up in the trash before the reception ends.

DON’T GET THE DISPOSABLE CAMERAS! Everyone has cell phones and cameras of their own, don’t waste your money because they will just end up using their phones to take pictures.

You don’t need to buy real candles. Tealights are the way to go, they are usually cheaper, last longer than actual candles and don’t present a fire threat!

You don’t need the most expensive champagne. It’s time for that special toast with champagne! Let me tell you a secret, a majority of people won’t be able to tell the difference between the cheap stuff and the super expensive one. Save yourself the grief of trying to find where to save money and just get the cheap champagne. Most people are going to go get a drink from the bar anyways.

The Best Wedding Attire Tips

Have your bra sewn into your wedding dress (because, let’s just get real, bras have an annoying way of popping out or showing themselves at unexpected times). 

Don’t forget to bring your back-up flats for the reception. After wearing heels all day, you will be thanking us later!

Invites & RSVP Tips

Feeling overwhelmed on who to invite for your guest list? Keep it simple. If you haven’t seen or heard from them in 5 years, they don’t need to come to your wedding. It’s not a reunion. 

Are you struggling to get RSVPs back? Simply call the people who haven’t responded 1 week after your given RSVP deadline. It’s not rude, you have a budget.

Tips on Wedding Shopping 

Get a separate email address for all things wedding. It will help you keep organized and save you from losing an important email that can mean whether you got that wedding venue or not.

When ordering or buying anything from anyone, avoid using the word WEDDING. Once they hear that word they will raise the price x10 of what it would have cost you originally. The world is tough, but you need to be tougher!

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Tips

DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF! You have already made a decision, you bought it. Now move on or else you will waste valuable time and stress yourself out even more.

The day of your wedding, eat a big and healthy breakfast that morning regardless of your plans throughout the day 9 times out of 10, you may not have a chance to eat all day. Then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself because you are hangry.