Wow! What an amazing year it’s been for us! You may know that our season here at Spring Lake is winding down, but that just means we’re gearing up for engagement season and another unbelievable 2018.

To all our couples who have shared their wedding day here with us, thank you! Y’all make our world go ‘round.

And to all the couples out there who are getting engaged over the next few weeks, we wanted to send you a little love to let you know how to reserve a wedding venue (since we assume you’ve never done this before).

So, here’s how it goes.

How To Book A Wedding Venue

Choose the type of wedding you want to have

First, you’re going to want to choose how you want your magical day to go down. Is it cramped in an in-town venue with no parking, a boring ballroom with no character, or maybe it’s a lakeside barn wedding venue with amazing vintage wedding details (just as an example…).

Contact the wedding venue and ask all the questions

Find out how much the place is and if it’s available. Hint: wedding venues book out the good dates well over a year in advance, so be ready to be flexible if you want to get married next year. Find out if it has everything you want in a venue. Which leads us to the next step.

Tour the wedding venue

The best way to find out all the deets for a wedding venue is to actually go there and see the place in person. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a tour is worth at least a million, right?

Reserve your date (contract + deposit)

I know, this sounds so complicated, but it’s really not. Just confirm the date you want with the venue, return the contract you picked up on the tour, and pay a simple deposit. Easy, right?

And that’s it. Your dream wedding venue is officially reserved!! Woo. So easy, right?

Well, since we’re feeling especially generous, here are the rest of the steps.

Pay for your wedding venue in full

You’ll most likely be expected to pay in full in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Be sure to do that.

Confirm wedding date details

Reach out to the wedding venue to confirm decor or planning details and be sure you’re clear about your available time for the rehearsal dinner and wedding day arrival.

Have the most amazing wedding ever

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!! Party like it’s your wedding day!

Don’t forget we live on your testimonials.

We cherish them in our hearts and they are the heartbeat of our business. So, don’t be afraid to shout to the world to tell your unmarried friends where to get married.


Which leads us to our final point. If you’ve gotten married here at Spring Lake in 2017, help a small business out and drop us a review somewhere. We’d love to hear what you have to say. You can leave a review on WeddingWire, Facebook, TheKnot, or even Google.