Sunday Vintage Weddings Are Amazing

Everyone seems to get married on a Saturday. But what about Sunday?

Our outdoor vintage wedding venue seems to be an amazing venue for the ultimate casual barn wedding. And what better day to celebrate, than a casual Sunday?

We totally get it. Here in the south, we are very into tradition. Those traditions include Saturday weddings and church on Sunday. We love Jesus as much as the next venue, but we also appreciate the calm that settles over the property on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Actually, we don’t know why not to have a wedding on a Sunday?! Most of your guests who are churchgoers will get out of church and gladly head out to the country for a “Sunday drive” to your gorgeous vintage wedding. They will even already be wearing their Sunday best, perfect for a casual lakeside wedding.

The Ultimate Laid Back Wedding Venue

We hear a lot of brides say they want a low-key, laid back wedding. They want their wedding to be beautiful, and they want their guests to be comfortable, but they just want to chill on their wedding day.

If you are one of those brides, then a Sunday wedding just might be the perfect fit for you.  

Lakeside Vintage Weddings

And if you’re the ultimate planner bride who wants to plan out every. single. Detail. then listen up! How would you like to have an extra day off work or school before your wedding to dot your T’s and cross your I’s? Oh yeah. A Sunday wedding can give you that extra day to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch (pun intended ;) ).

Oh, and we’re also calling out all you boho brides. You know who you are! You have a different drummer and your own beat to life. Why would you choose a Saturday as your wedding day? Oh no. You definitely need to spring for the Sunday wedding (or at least, we would if we were a 2018 boho bride!).

And want to know the best reason to have a Sunday wedding? It’ll save you some serious moolah. Yep. You heard that right. That means more money in your pocket to start your marriage off on the right financial foot. Aw..who are we kidding? That’s just more money for vintage wedding decorations!!! ;)  

Okay, so one more bonus reason why Sunday weddings are awesome. This one is just a freebie. If you are from the south, then you might be familiar with the saying “Love God, sweet tea, and the SEC.” See where we’re going with this? This simple fact means your guys (think groom, groomsmen, father of the bride, father of the groom, Uncle Harry, etc.) will actually be present at your wedding. They won’t be huddled in someone’s car listening to a football game on the radio. They won’t all be huddled around watching the play-by-play on an app. And, if you’re a football fan, too, a Sunday wedding means you won’t have to miss any of the football action, either!

So, if you’ve been skipping over those Sundays while checking out our availability calendar, our hope is that this post just might change your mind. Because the truth is that Sundays here at Spring Lake are truly amazing.