The first thing you do when you start planning your wedding is figure out your themes and colors. Whether you plan a wedding during spring, summer, fall, or winter, you will find choosing a theme can be intimidating. Luckily, there are many timeless wedding color palettes to choose from that can match any wedding theme. If your goal is to have a vintage wedding, our Georgia venue is one of the best places to do that.  Pay extra close attention to these vintage wedding themes and timeless colors to choose from. You may find something you fall in love with that will work well with the lake venue. 

5 Timeless Wedding Colors and Palettes to Choose from

Certain color palettes look good no matter what kind of wedding you choose to do. Everything from vintage weddings to boho weddings can use these colors to find that timeless look you are searching for. 

Gold and Navy Blue

No matter what season your wedding is in, a dark blue like navy and a vibrant gold do well in weddings. You can take this from a vintage wedding to a rustic vintage wedding theme.  If you need more than just these two colors, you can add in accent colors like muted blues, greens, and grays. With the right accent colors, this can give your wedding a striking and vibrant look. It’s a timeless wedding color that will never cease to amaze people. 

Gray, Green, and Cream

If you love muted tones that can work with almost any theme, this is the color palette for you. It works perfectly for a rustic vintage wedding where lots of twine is present in the decor.  This color palette also works well for decorating the cake, the aisle, and the centerpieces for each table. You can do bold pops of green and light cream-colored twine in your centerpieces. 

Black and White

One of the most timeless color palettes you can choose is black and white. This is a classic look that can create a regal affair. Black and white can work across most themes, but it may not fare well for boho-chic weddings.  This is a perfect color palette for modern weddings, vintage wedding themes, or super minimalist weddings. If your venue has beauty and you need something to pair with it rather than adding to it, this is the color scheme for you. 

Blush Pinks

There are so many shades and tones of pinks that match well together. If you are looking for something that goes well with white it’s time to look into blush and dusty pinks. It’s also super easy to find flowers that fit this color palette.  This is perfect for a romantic wedding, vintage wedding, or even a boho themed wedding. Whatever style or theme you choose, this color palette will work wonders with it. 

Earth Tones 

Earth tones look amazing when it comes to wedding attire for the bride, the groom, and the guests. This is also the best way to ensure bridesmaids look glamorous no matter what dress style, skin tone, or body shape they have. They can choose something that feels earthy and matches their looks. This color palette is perfect for rustic vintage weddings giving your look a fairy vibe. It can be paired with fall-themed weddings and much more. 

What Makes a Timeless Look?

A timeless look is taking the basics but making them better and more your style. You can put your own flare on it while still creating something elegant that you still love in 30 years. It is a sophisticated style that stays fashionable throughout the years no matter which era you’re in. Any of these color palettes can be turned into a timeless look for your vintage wedding but still give you the personal freedom to make customizations. 


If you’re not convinced a timeless look or timeless wedding colors are for you, try out something unique. There are plenty of alternative wedding themes you can choose from.