Whether you’re doing a civil ceremony first, followed by a traditional fall wedding, you will want to think about flowers. If you are like many other people and love the idea of having a fall wedding, you may be stumped on finding fall wedding flowers. There are so many beautiful fall flowers you can choose from to create rustic fall centerpieces and the perfect fall wedding bouquet. Here are some fall wedding flowers that will give you vibrant pops of color and a rustic look for your outdoor wedding. 

Garden Rose for Fall Weddings

No matter what time of year you are getting married, using roses in your bouquet can help create a classic and elegant look. Garden Roses typically have wider petals that are denser than other roses. Not to mention they come in a variety of colors that will help set the tone for your outdoor wedding in the fall. You can find roses in deep red, rusty orange, or dusty pinks to fit the right style of bouquet or centerpieces you want. 


This is a grand flower choice to create cascading centerpieces, bouquets, and archways. They mainly come in a deep burgundy color that pairs nicely with rusty orange and deep greens. Amaranthus is excellent for rustic fall weddings because they flowers with a deep and vibrant color. They help create an eye-catching look that draws everyone’s eye to you. 

Pampas Grass – Most Popular Fall Wedding Flower for 2021

This tall and frilly grass is typically seen in boho-style weddings, but they are amazing when paired with deep orange and rusty red flowers. It can take a centerpiece or an arbor to a whole new level. Pampas grass can come in different colors and be one of the perfect ways to mark aisles, show off archways, and become beautiful centerpieces for each table. You can take this look from summer to fall easily. 


These are beautiful flowers that come in various yellows, deep orange, dark reds, and deep purples. Due to the insane amount of color variety, you can choose these for almost any color scheme or palette you want for your outdoor wedding. The best thing about these flowers is that they’re naturally in season during autumn, so they will be in full stock. You can find Chrysanthemums in so many different styles you can have a bouquet that looks whimsical, classic, or rustic. These are exquisite fall wedding flowers. 


These daisy-like flowers are essential for those brides who like small and elegant flowers. They come in a wide variety of colors, making them essential for summer and fall weddings. They are stunning dainty flowers to throw into your bouquet. Cosmos are the optimal flower to add in if you are a wild-styled bride. If you love bright pops of color in various shades, this is the ultimate flower choice for you. Creating a stellar vibe for your fall wedding starts with the venue; you find the ideal location, and then you work on the flowers. During the autumn months, you will find no shortage of fall wedding flowers to choose from. 


Outdoor weddings during autumn can be bright, bold, cozy, warm, and all of the things you have ever dreamed about. Have fun with the autumn flowers and choose the best ones that match your personality.