Traditional weddings are beautiful and can speak volumes for the couple getting married. However, that isn’t everyone’s style, and luckily, there are many different alternative wedding themes you can choose from. Your wedding can be however you want, and the best news about having your ceremony and reception in Georgia? It has much milder weather compared to other states, making outdoor weddings a possibility for most of the year. Take a look at these alternative wedding themes to find one that suits the venue and, most importantly, one that fits you. 

Alternative Wedding Themes to Choose From

When you start planning your wedding, you will immediately start thinking about themes. This will help you plan out your entire look for the event. The themes you choose will help you focus on colors, flowers, centerpieces, and everything else. Here are some fun alternative wedding themes to choose from when traditional just isn’t your vibe.


Woodland Creature Theme

If you love rustic vibes and plan on having an outdoor wedding reception, this is a great alternative wedding theme to choose from. Choose your favorite woodland creatures to decorate your tent with. Each centerpiece can have a DIY woodland creature with small fairy houses or wooden candle holders. This alternative wedding theme allows you to work with the outdoor venue space, perfectly fitting for a rustic wedding. 

Vintage Travel

Traveling the world can be a great theme for an outdoor wedding reception. You can purchase old vintage suitcases and use them as decoration. You can create displays with flowers, chalk on the suitcases, and much more. One fun thing you can do is set up a globe and have people sign it. There are many unique ways to create a vintage look that involves traveling. 

Berries and Berries

If you are planning a wedding for the summer of 2022, it’s time to start thinking about summer themes. Everything berry can be a perfect solution to finding the right summer theme. Centerpieces can be filled with ripe berries and colorful flowers, and your bouquet can have those same berry colors in it. This theme also makes it easy to translate to food. You can serve berry desserts that match the outdoor wedding decorations. 

Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever dreamed of having a mad hatter tea party? There is no better chance to do this than at your wedding. The outdoor venue with a serene lake is spectacular for a “down the rabbit hole” outdoor wedding reception. The best part about this alternative wedding theme is that it can be as wild as you want it to be. You can do bold clashing colors, vibrant flowers, china sets, and much more. Your “tea party” can be however you want it to be. 

Pumpkin Patch Wedding

Having a pumpkin patch theme wedding can be one of the greatest ways to invoke cozy fall vibes. You can use small pumpkins as wedding favors with ribbons. Use larger pumpkins painted in your wedding colors as centerpieces. This can even be a fun way to show off your candles too. Pumpkins are a great way to line your aisle and even make a pumpkin dessert. If you want extra fall vibes you can feature a pumpkin drink or cocktail. 

Honeybee and Nature

Having a nature-themed wedding focused on honeybees is a super choice when it comes to alternative wedding themes. Your cake can be designed with honeycombs, and wedding favors can be tiny jars of local honey with dippers. Honeybees can be featured around your wedding decor and throughout each centerpiece. This is a great way to have natural outdoor wedding decorations but have them tie into your theme. 


No matter which alternative wedding theme you choose, it will surely fit in with your Georgia wedding. Thousands of themes will allow outdoor wedding decorations and be totally different from the traditional wedding.