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How To Share Your Wedding Photos On Social Media

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Sharing Your Wedding Photos On Social Media When it comes to sharing your stunning wedding photos all over social media, you become overwhelmed with the amount you want to share and end up post-dumping on everyone in your friends list. So here are a few way you can avoid doing that! Wedding Sneak Peak Teasing your friends and family with sneak-peak previews of what is to come is super fun! You get to see your friends and family gush over your amazing photos. This is also a great way to get them hyped up for what is to come! It not only prepare them, but also gets them excited and relive that magical day all over again. You can also post sneak peak photos on your wedding website if you had set one up prior to the wedding! Posting Wedding #TBT (ThrowBackThursday)  You should post some of your wedding photos [...]

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How To Decorate With Wedding Photographs

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How To Decorate Your Home With Wedding Photographs When it comes to decorating your home with your beautiful vintage wedding pictures, it can be a little overwhelming! So we have some tips and ideas on how you can integrate your new amazing photos into your house! The Photo Album About half of couples will buy a photo album from their wedding photographer. Sometimes people chose to work with that same person so they can create an amazing timeline of that special day. It is a wonderful way to not only show off your photos, but to also display them in your home. You and your guests can flip through this visual timeline of your wedding every time they look at it! Framed and Canvas Framing your pictures and hanging them on your walls or setting them on surfaces is a classic and traditional way to display your photos throughout your [...]

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What is a parent photo album?

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What is a parent photo album? A parent album is basically a duplicate to an album that you may have already created as a bride and groom. The bride and groom may have already created an amazing wedding album that follows a timeline throughout the day of the wedding. Some people to choose to alter a few pictures and even the different designs on the pages inside. Sometimes the parent album can also be smaller and lighter. It mainly depends on the preference of the parents or who is paying for the wedding expenses. Should you buy a parent photo album? Buying a parent album is definitely the route you should go. It may cost a few more extra bucks then what you wanted to spend, but it serves as a great thank you gift. Especially if your parents were involved with helping out with some of the wedding expenses. [...]

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How to get amazing wedding photos at your wedding venue

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We touched on a few aspects of our wedding venue in Georgia a few weeks ago, but today we’re going to tell you about a few secret (and not so secret) places around our venue that are amazing for taking wedding photos. You’ll see a lot of photographers taking photos at the same places around various venues, and Spring Lake is no different. There are so obvious wedding photo magnets and then there are some of the more quiet areas around the venue that we are happy to offer as a quiet retreat. Old Truck The first location we will highlight at our rustic wedding venue in Georgia is our old truck. He sits out in the field down from the barn. He’s surrounded by wide open grass to give you plenty of space to decorate (if you want). It also gives your wedding photographer an awesome area and creative [...]

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