How To Decorate Your Home With Wedding Photographs

When it comes to decorating your home with your beautiful vintage wedding pictures, it can be a little overwhelming! So we have some tips and ideas on how you can integrate your new amazing photos into your house!

The Photo Album

About half of couples will buy a photo album from their wedding photographer. Sometimes people chose to work with that same person so they can create an amazing timeline of that special day. It is a wonderful way to not only show off your photos, but to also display them in your home. You and your guests can flip through this visual timeline of your wedding every time they look at it!

Framed and Canvas

Framing your pictures and hanging them on your walls or setting them on surfaces is a classic and traditional way to display your photos throughout your home. Having your wedding photos printed out onto canvases is a popular trend. You can play around with the sizes and how you want them hung. Some people will just have it on one canvas, and others will have it spread out over three canvases to provide more of a creative touch.

A Fun Shelf Display

Instead of simply putting your framed photographs on the shelf, you can mix it up a bit! Add different sized frames and photos to give it more character. You can also add cute little items such as your wedding invitations, “Mr & Mrs.” decor and your guest book. You can even add small trinkets you got from your honeymoon. For example if you went to a beach for your honeymoon, you can add a small jar or vile of sand that you had gotten from that beach!

Thank You Cards

When you go to send out your thank you cards, you can include your favorite photos from your wedding day. You can choose your absolutely favorite photos of you and your new spouse and send them out. Or you can also choose a different photo for each card you send out. A fun idea would be to include a picture of you and your spouse with the person that you are about to send from your wedding day when they attended!

Don’t Forget About Your Guestbook!

Since you have spaces for names and advice from your friends and family, why not add some visuals from your big day as well? Photobooths are very popular to have at your wedding, request your guests to leave an extra copy of them having fun in the booth for you so you can add them into your guest book later on. You can have it become a fun scrapbook and add their names next to their photos.

In Wood Or Stone

Transferring your photos to wood or stone is starting to trend once again! It is more of a DIY art, so if you are not sure if you want to do it, have someone who knows what they are doing. You have to go through a process and transfer the photo onto the wood or stone. To compliment these materials, a photo of the two of you that is based outside is perfect! Wood or stone is the perfect way to display your photos especially if you love that rustic look.