What is a parent photo album?

A parent album is basically a duplicate to an album that you may have already created as a bride and groom. The bride and groom may have already created an amazing wedding album that follows a timeline throughout the day of the wedding. Some people to choose to alter a few pictures and even the different designs on the pages inside. Sometimes the parent album can also be smaller and lighter. It mainly depends on the preference of the parents or who is paying for the wedding expenses.

Should you buy a parent photo album?

Buying a parent album is definitely the route you should go. It may cost a few more extra bucks then what you wanted to spend, but it serves as a great thank you gift. Especially if your parents were involved with helping out with some of the wedding expenses. It is a great investment for you are your parents. They are going to want to see photos from their kids’ special day, so by offering this album, it eliminates the tedious task of them asking to see all the photos so they can choose. The beauty of the album is that it already done!

(As a photographer) Should you offer it?

When it comes to offering parent albums, it is a great opportunity for not only your clients but also for you! You can either offer it separately or you can offer it in a package along with the wedding day photoshoot. Parent albums are always in high demand, so offering them definitely won’t hurt business and it makes the bride, groom, and in-laws happy! Typically, couples who purchase albums for themselves, there will be a 50% chance that they will also purchase a parent album. By adding the parent albums to your offer in not only boosts your bottom line but also increases value to your services.

What makes a parent album unique? 

When it comes to purchasing a parent album, you may be tempted just to give them an exact replica of what you have. However, you should include more photos of your friends and family. Of course your parents want to see beautiful photos of you and your new spouse, however seeing amazing and fun photos of the rest of their family members having fun and celebrating your big day will be a better choice. You can also let them in on the selection process if you are stuck on which photos you should include. Send them a few samples from a preselected amount of photos so they play a part in creating this amazing book full of memories.

The Reviews

A majority of clients are incredibly happy with their choice to get a photo parent album for their parents! They will be happy with not only having a stunning book to look back on from their special day, but also their parents will have those memories forever.

Not only do they make great after-wedding gifts, but you can save them for the holidays and everyone in the family gets to relive the amazing memories shared at your vintage wedding in Georgia together.