Sharing Your Wedding Photos On Social Media

When it comes to sharing your stunning wedding photos all over social media, you become overwhelmed with the amount you want to share and end up post-dumping on everyone in your friends list. So here are a few way you can avoid doing that!

Wedding Sneak Peak

Teasing your friends and family with sneak-peak previews of what is to come is super fun! You get to see your friends and family gush over your amazing photos. This is also a great way to get them hyped up for what is to come! It not only prepare them, but also gets them excited and relive that magical day all over again. You can also post sneak peak photos on your wedding website if you had set one up prior to the wedding!

Posting Wedding #TBT (ThrowBackThursday) 

You should post some of your wedding photos when using this hashtag. It is a fun way for people to see the photos without being overwhelmed. However, make sure not to over do it on the throwback Thursday posts. Doing that back-to-back too many times won’t allow your friends or followers to breathe. It also won’t let your photo shine, they will all start to look the same and people will lose interest.

Celebrating Anniversaries

After your first year of marriage, it is fun to post “never before seen” wedding photos. Keeping some of them a mystery will draw in your friends and family. It will make them excited and happy for you all over again. You can also do this on the anniversary of when you two first met or first started dating. It is fun to think outside of the box to surprise your followers. You can also share a handsome/beautiful photo of your spouse on their birthdays!

Wedding Decor

If you are the DIY type, then I am sure you have repurposed some of you wedding decor! Sometimes people reuse furniture that had featured at their wedding such as tables that were used in a lounge area at your wedding. You can add a few framed photos from the wedding day as well as a small vase of the very same flowers that were used at the wedding on top of the table. Taking a picture of it and posting it on social media for all to see is a great way to show off your sustainable and crafty skills!


Are you absolutely in love with the way your photos came out and want to share them with the world and not just your friends and family? You can get them published! By submitting your wedding photos for potential publication is a great way to share them with the world. There are several wedding websites and magazines that you can submit to. Such as WeddiingWire and The Knot. If your photos are picked you will also get to share your love story and inspire others when they read it.