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How To Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

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An Unplugged Ceremony Unplugged Professional Photographers As your guests all settle down and have taken their seats, this is the perfect time for you to address them. You can have either the officiant or priest announce that there will be a professional photographer so there is no need for others to have their camera out. Or the groom can announce it as well. You can also choose to have this written down somewhere on the schedule/ itinerary that will be passed out to the guests one by one as they arrive. However, that doesn’t mean they will read it or even remember it in the moment. Living In The Moment On Wedding Day You want your guests to be living in the moment, now that we live in a day and age that we have become so reliant on our phones it is hard to do that. Sometimes during the [...]

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How To Decorate With Wedding Photographs

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How To Decorate Your Home With Wedding Photographs When it comes to decorating your home with your beautiful vintage wedding pictures, it can be a little overwhelming! So we have some tips and ideas on how you can integrate your new amazing photos into your house! The Photo Album About half of couples will buy a photo album from their wedding photographer. Sometimes people chose to work with that same person so they can create an amazing timeline of that special day. It is a wonderful way to not only show off your photos, but to also display them in your home. You and your guests can flip through this visual timeline of your wedding every time they look at it! Framed and Canvas Framing your pictures and hanging them on your walls or setting them on surfaces is a classic and traditional way to display your photos throughout your [...]

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Choosing A Wedding Venue: Natural Light Photography for Wedding Photos

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Choosing A Wedding Venue: Natural Light Photography for Wedding Photos What is Natural Light Photography? Light is the key to photography, literally photographs wouldn’t exist without it! The second that light enters the camera, it copies and transfers the direct image onto the film. Or it will transform it into tiny-unseen electric signals then in turn are known as pixels! So natural light is any form of light that is produced by the sun. Even ambient light can work a natural lighting because it is not directly influenced by the lighting equipment used by the photographer.  The Benefits of Natural Light Photography There are so many benefits to using natural lighting! First off, it is extremely affordable. Why? Because it is free! You don’t have to pay to use the sunlight as a lighting source. (However, the specific place you had in mind for wedding photos may require a fee [...]

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What is a parent photo album?

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What is a parent photo album? A parent album is basically a duplicate to an album that you may have already created as a bride and groom. The bride and groom may have already created an amazing wedding album that follows a timeline throughout the day of the wedding. Some people to choose to alter a few pictures and even the different designs on the pages inside. Sometimes the parent album can also be smaller and lighter. It mainly depends on the preference of the parents or who is paying for the wedding expenses. Should you buy a parent photo album? Buying a parent album is definitely the route you should go. It may cost a few more extra bucks then what you wanted to spend, but it serves as a great thank you gift. Especially if your parents were involved with helping out with some of the wedding expenses. [...]

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How Do You Plan A Honeymoon?

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How To Plan Your Honeymoon Start Planning ASAP! Planning your honeymoon is one of the best parts when planning for your wedding! So start planning as soon as possible! The best timeframe you should start planning is about 6-8 months prior to your chosen honeymoon dates. Take into account of where you want to travel and what the best months are best to travel to that place. Is it tourist season? Do you want to go when it is warm or when it is cool?  Plan your honeymoon together When it comes to wedding planning, the best strategy is to divide up the work among each other. However, that isn’t the case for the honeymoon planning. This should be a joint effort so that the both of you plan it out so that both of you will enjoy it. Some people may want to center their honeymoon around a beach [...]

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Traditional Wedding Registry Alternatives

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Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Registry  Food Cooking classes for you and your spouse! This is a great opportunity to learn with your spouse and spend quality time together! Cooking together will bring you guys together and make fun new memories. This is also a great opportunity for the couples who stick to take-out food because they can’t cook, to reinvent themselves! Register for a monthly membership and have local ingredients delivered to your door. This is perfect for the couples who are homebodies and love to cook! Especially with everyone staying home during the pandemic, it is a great opportunity to try and learn new recipes. Keep the wine flowing with a monthly subscription to the good stuff from companies like ACME Wines. For the wine connoisseur’s in your life, they can try all kinds of different wines to their hearts content! There are so many different subscriptions that [...]

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8 Questions To Ask Before Renting a Venue

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Venue Is the venue you want able to handle the number of guests you are going to invite? Depending on how many people you invite, you want to make sure that there is enough room for them all including all your vendors. This is also important incase you are inviting children, elderly people, or people in wheel chairs. They need to have a ramp or other necessities you may find that you need to ensure your guests are taken care of. Is your budget big enough for the venue you want? You need to take your budget into account when choosing a venue. The fanciest or the biggest venue may not be as affordable as you think. When the venue starts cutting into your wedding budget, you may have to sacrifice other things you were wanting at your wedding. What is the [...]

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Chair Types For 2021 Wedding Style

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Different Types of Chairs to Rent For  Your Wedding When it comes to choosing chairs for the wedding, there are actually so many choices! The variety of chairs has come a long way from lawn chairs. Thankfully, we have amazing dark wood folding chairs that our couples typically love, however if you want add an extra special touch to your Georgia vintage wedding, here are some excellent choices! Simple Cane Back Chair- This is a simplistic chair, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful! A cane back chair is a wooden chair that has a cane backing. Cane is actually from a rattan plant and is then woven together. It is perfect  if you are looking for a simple piece to bring your reception together or a rustic piece! Chiavari Chair-  It is a light weight chair, it is known for having notches carved into the wood to have a [...]

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2021 Wedding Color Palettes

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A new year means new vintage wedding trends! Here are the trending colors that will be coming this year that will be the basic building blocks to creating the wedding of your dreams! Dreamy Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose- This is the perfect combination of colors for those who are looking for a light and feminine look without using straight out pink. The dark color of the cinnamon rose gives off the impression of a rich chocolate. The dusty rose compliments the darker color that some people have a hard time pairing. The combination isn’t clashing and has the perfect feminine flare. Blush Pink, Cinnamon Rose and Eucalyptus - These three combinations are an unlikely match, however they go together beautifully! The light and airy blush pink goes well with both the rich chocolate cinnamon rose has to offer as well as the eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a neutral green/blue that [...]

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