Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Registry 


  • Cooking classes for you and your spouse!

This is a great opportunity to learn with your spouse and spend quality time together! Cooking together will bring you guys together and make fun new memories. This is also a great opportunity for the couples who stick to take-out food because they can’t cook, to reinvent themselves!

  • Register for a monthly membership and have local ingredients delivered to your door.

This is perfect for the couples who are homebodies and love to cook! Especially with everyone staying home during the pandemic, it is a great opportunity to try and learn new recipes.

  • Keep the wine flowing with a monthly subscription to the good stuff from companies like ACME Wines.

For the wine connoisseur’s in your life, they can try all kinds of different wines to their hearts content! There are so many different subscriptions that you can subscribe too, do your research to  see which one fits best.


  • Take Photography lessons together

Taking photography lessons is a unique and great way to spend time together! It allows you guys to learn a new skill together and have fun. You may even get to take trips together to try out your new photography skills!

  • Register for a museum membership and you’ll have members-only access to special events year-round.

There are so many different types of museums! Get the one that may register best with the couple. There are art museums, science museums, history museums, so many different types! There are even wine and beer museums! Check out the local museums or maybe museums they could visit on their honeymoon.


  • Couples Massage

A couples massage is a great way to help them relax on their honeymoon! Finding out which hotel they are staying and seeing what kind of spa services they offer is a great gift! You can even check out local spas in the area of where they are staying at on their honeymoon.

  • Heading to a vineyard? They even offer wine-blending sessions in Napa

Is the happy couple honeymooning in France? Or how about Italy? There are even some amazing vineyards in California! This is a great gift to give any wine connoisseur to give them a unique experience for their honeymoon.

  • Honeymoon Registry

There are a few websites where you can register for flights and hotels such as Honeyfund or The Knot. You can also register for unique experiences such as sailing trips and even scuba lessons! Honeyfund allos you to add destination-specific activities to your registry. Zip lining and snorkeling are just the beginning!


  • The Great Outdoors

For the couples who love the outdoors and amazing adventures, you can register with stores that supply gear from camping in Yellowstone park to Backpacking in the Himalayas.


  • Cash

Some couples may prefer cash instead of gifts. However there is not really any way you can ask for money without sounding too greedy. The best way to approach it is to send out a card or email to all your guests asking for money and an explanation of why. You may be saving up to buy a home together, so sending out a blueprint of the house you are saving up for with an explanation is a great way to do that!

  • Learning Another Language

Traveling a lot may be a hobby that you and your spouse love to do! So learning another language with come in handy. If you love to travel to southern countries where the route dialect is spanish, it is a good idea to learn it!