The Ultimate Guide To Planning a Rehearsal Dinner


When you start planning a wedding, you may be worried about the two families meeting. Believe it or not, the families will get the chance to meet before the wedding day. 


Your close family and bridal party will attend the rehearsal dinner for a chance to meet everyone. This is also a chance for you to get everyone on the same page as far as the ceremony goes. 


Not every couple chooses to have a rehearsal dinner; some opt to just send thank you cards and tell the bridal party the lineup before the wedding. Here are some things you should know about the rehearsal dinner the week of your wedding. 

Who Gets Invited To The Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally all bridal parties should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. You can keep this event small if you want to. 


Start with the people who will be involved in the ceremony. Both sets of parents, siblings, bridal party, and their dates. This group of people can be anywhere from 10 to 25 people. 


You should limit it to the most important people at your wedding and host a dinner as a way to thank them. However, this dinner is more than just a thank you to family and friends. 

What Is The Purpose Of a Rehearsal Dinner?

So, you know, a rehearsal dinner is a good way to thank all of the people who have helped out with your wedding. Before the actual dinner, you will be practicing walking down the aisle. 


This is the best way to practice who walks together, what music plays when, and get every last-minute detail ironed out. 


Once everyone has practiced together as one group, it’s time to let the families connect. It’s also great to treat out-of-town guests who have flown all the way to wherever you’re hosting the wedding. 

Here are a few other things you can expect at a rehearsal dinner.


The rehearsal dinner is also a perfect opportunity to give presents to your wedding party and your parents if you don’t intend to do so on your wedding day. You’ll be in a smaller throng and have little more time to give out and unwrap presents.

Toasting The Family

If someone else is hosting the event, they will typically start the toast. Then the groom will toast his bride and his new family, or the couple may choose to toast their families together. 


Some couples will have friends who want to do a roast instead of a toast, and this is a better space to do it rather than your wedding. 


This is also the best time to allow others to talk. Many people will want to say something, but you’ll have to limit the number of people who make toasts on the big day.

The Grooms Cake

The wedding cake is meant for the couple, but the groom’s cake is meant for him. It will be his choice of flavor and decorated to represent him and his hobbies. The rehearsal dinner is the time to eat his cake. 

Who Pays for The Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally the groom’s parents will both pay for and organize the rehearsal dinner. However, many young couples are choosing to skip this part of the wedding or pay for it themselves. 


No matter what you decide to do, this is something that can be customized to each couple.

Where Is The Best Place To Host a Rehearsal Dinner?

Some people love to throw a party at the family home, but if the wedding is out of town, it may not be possible to do it that way. 


This is something that happens a day or two before the wedding day. If parents can’t do it at home, they should try finding a local venue to host the rehearsal dinner.