There are so many wedding traditions that many couples are choosing to break away from, but something that tends to stick from each generation is allowing parents to pay for the wedding. Many couples try to pay for most of the wedding themselves but there is still a lot of it that is paid by both sides of the family. 


Traditionally the bride’s side would be paying for most of the wedding. The parents of the bride would pay for the wedding dress, floral, transportation, photos and any travel arrangements. The groom’s side would pay for music, entertainment, bridal bouquets, and the marriage license.


One of the best things you can do before planning a wedding budget is getting both sides of the family together. This will help you discuss who will pay for what and make it more even if that is something you are interested in. 


Typically the bride’s side pays much more than the groom’s side. However, that doesn’t have to happen anymore. You may stick with the tradition of having parents pay but nowadays they can split it much more evenly. Here are some ideas for both sides to pay for portions of the wedding. 

What Should The Bride’s Side Pay For?

Many young couples are opting to pay for a lot of the wedding themselves. No one wants to put pressure on their parents. However, some parents want to pay for their kids’ weddings, and that is okay too. Here are some ideas for the bride’s side and what they can pay for. 

The Groom’s Side

How much should parents pay? It truly depends on what is agreed by both sets of parents. There are some things that the groom’s side usually pays for or things that are optional. 

Engagement Rings

One of the first things that go before wedding planning even starts is the engagement rings. This tends to be a massive amount of money, and the groom can ask for help paying for this. However, many young couples are saving up for this themselves.

Engagement Party

Sometimes the groom’s side will want to throw a party to celebrate the new couple. This doesn’t always happen, and some couples may not want this type of party. If the couple chooses, this could be something the groom’s side pays for. 

Marriage License 

A marriage license won’t be that much money, but it is something that the groom’s side can pay for in advance. They can help go pick up the application for the young couple. 

Officiant Fee

There is a wide price range depending on who the officiant is. Sometimes they are free but ask for donations; other times, they are upwards of $1,000 for an event. 

Groom’s Attire

One of the most important things the groom’s side can pay for is his attire. This will include shoes, tux, bows or ties, and socks. 

Bridal Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet can be super expensive, and tons of family members may want to chip in. The groom’s parents may also want to pay for the boutineers for the young men. 

Rehearsal Dinners

The night before the wedding, everyone who is in the wedding will get together to have a test run of how things will go. They will practice walking, speeches, and more. This can be held at a dinner that the groom’s side pays for. 

Reception Entertainment

Along with DJs and live music, the parents may want to also pay for the alcohol at the wedding. They may buy a few bottles of wine for each table. 


Not all parents will be willing to do this, but the groom’s side will help pay for the honeymoon for some lucky couples. This can come in many ways; they may pay for the couple’s flights, hotel, or meals. It can be a huge help for the newlyweds. 

The Bride’s Side 

The bride’s side of the wedding typically pays for much more than the groom’s side. However, weddings can be so expensive that any contributions do add up. Here are a few things that the bride’s side may pay for. 

Engagement Party 

One of the biggest things they will focus on is an engagement party. This is something that can actually be split between the parents of the bride and groom. Typically the bride’s side will pay for most of the pre-wedding parties. 

Wedding Dress

Of course, the bride wants a beautiful wedding dress, and many parents of the bride want to be involved in the decision. This may mean they will help pay for the dress. 


This is often one of the biggest expenses, and some parents may offer to pay for this service. It can be a huge financial burden on young couples’ shoulders. Every bride wants the best photos and hiring the right person is necessary. 


Most of the stationary is traditionally bought by the bride’s side. This includes RSVP, pre-party invites, and anything for the wedding day. 


This is usually only for the bridesmaids or the bridal party. It does not mean that the bride’s side has to pay for everyone who is attending the wedding. 


The bride’s side traditionally pays for the ceremony location and the reception location. This is one of the most expensive pieces of the wedding. 


One of the first things that will go into wedding planning will be flowers. The bride’s side may choose to help pay for this portion of the wedding, and it is a tradition. This may include the aisle the bride walks down, archways, dancefloors, and centerpieces. 

Wedding Cake

Some of the family on the bride’s side may want to chip in for the wedding cake. This can be one of the smaller expenses of a wedding, but for most young couples, anything helps. 

Day After Brunch

The morning after the wedding or ceremony, there is traditionally a brunch that the bride’s side will pay for. It may also be a chance for other family members to attend if they don’t get to go to the wedding.