What Should You Be Eating The Day Before Your Wedding?


The months before your wedding and even the day before your wedding, you will want to focus on nutrition. Why? Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, it’s true. 


The better you eat before your wedding, the healthier you feel, the clearer your skin will be, and the more beautiful you’ll feel on your big day. There are some foods you want to avoid on your wedding day too. 


Wedding nutrition can be crucial to focus on, especially when you want to feel the best in your wedding dress. Both brides and grooms can focus on eating a well-rounded diet. If you need more recommendations, keep reading for a few ideas.

What To Start Eating

The truth is the week of your wedding, you will have tons of events to host and participate in and last-minute meetings with venues. Many brides will be so busy they may forget to eat or not want to eat in fear of becoming bloated. 


However, not eating can be just as bad for your health and actually put your body in a state of stress. Avoid being “hangry” during the months before your body and focus on eating nutritious meals. 

Start With Breakfast

You don’t have to load up on potatoes, eggs, and bacon in the morning, and it may be too much for you. Try out egg whites on avocado toast if you are dieting for your wedding. It’s high in healthy fats, and egg whites are low-calorie but very filling due to the protein. 


Choosing a whole grain with healthy fats will be one of the most energizing combos you find and will help you get through the day before your wedding or the morning of your wedding. 

Eat Often But Light Snacks

If you’re worried about bloating the day before your wedding or on your wedding day. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip eating. Smaller portions can be great for filling up without bloating. 


Bring dried fruits and nuts with you wherever you go. This will help keep you full for longer and won’t have tons of added sugar to make you feel puffy on your wedding day. 

Take It Easy On The Drinks

Many of the events you will attend will have some kind of wine or cocktail being served. It’s okay to indulge; it’s your big moment. However, you should keep it at a minimum on your wedding day and the day before your wedding. 


Unfortunately, alcohol can make us feel worse and bloated. No one wants to squeeze into their wedding dress after a night of drinking. So, limit yourself and know what your tolerance is. This is one of the best wedding nutrition tips to keep in mind when figuring out what to eat and drink. 


Some brides are hosting dry weddings so they can avoid it altogether!

Stay Hydrated

Just because you may want to limit alcohol doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about other drinks. Water is crucial to stay hydrated the week of your wedding, and it will impact your entire body. 


It will help keep you full for longer, you won’t feel bloated, and your skin will look perky by the end of the week. Aim to drink water between each glass of wine and carry a water bottle with you while you’re out. 


These are not only things you can eat and drink before your wedding, but they are good tips for your wedding day too. When you head to your Georgia venue, you will have a lot to do, and it’s essential to snack and stay hydrated before you walk down the aisle.