You may be thinking you need a champagne toast to make this wedding official, but the truth is you don’t. Many young couples are choosing to throw dry weddings for several reasons. 


  • There are tons of non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • It’s more budget-friendly. 
  • The event will be focused on you and not drinking. 


When you start planning a dry wedding, you will need to ensure you inform your guests about this decision. You may have some family members who want alcohol because it is their reason for going out. 


Sometimes things like wine are expected at an event like this, but it is your choice to not serve any alcohol at all. There is some etiquette you should pay attention to if you are throwing a dry wedding. 

Plan Ahead

Firstly, when you decide that you want to throw a dry wedding, you need to inform your guests. Be sure to let them know in advance not to bring their own wine and that you will not be serving wine. 


You can tell your guests via wedding website, word of mouth, or on the invites. You may not feel like this is information that needs to be shared, but many people indeed expect wine at a wedding. 


Don’t Feel Like Your Have To Justify Your Decisions

Once you start telling friends and family about your plans for a sober wedding they will start asking questions. These may not be comfortable to answer. 

Don’t feel the need to justify your decision. This is your day and it should be focused on you, not wine or any other alcoholic beverage. 


Your wedding is the day to celebrate your love, there is no other explanation needed. 

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Can Be Fancy

People love beautiful cocktails, but mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails can be gorgeous. Whoever serves drinks can add garnish, colors, and create concoctions out of different juices and bubbly drinks. 


You can toast with cider and still get the photos you’ve dreamed of. Giving up alcohol at a wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up how aesthetically pleasing the event is. 


Focus On Other Areas

Weddings tend to focus on food and drink. Instead of focusing on alcoholic beverages, focus on desserts! You can pick something else your wedding will stand out for, like delicious macaroons or a hot cocoa bar instead. 


Find something else if you don’t want to focus on either food or drink! You can set up a funny photo booth or play games with friends and family. This can all be a good alternative option at a dry wedding. 

Plan Entertainment 

Alcohol tends to loosen people up so they can be social. However, that is not the only way to ensure your guests stay engaged, active, and present. Offer activities like getting painted as a cartoon with their friends or tarot reading for the family. 


These are unique ways to keep guests entertained and focused on something else. It can also help fill up the time in an event. 

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Options

The best thing about hosting a dry wedding is you can find mocktails for any wedding theme. Here are some ideas to choose from. 

Lemon Drop Mocktail

If you are throwing a summer wedding, this is a bright and exuberant option for your guests to sip on. It’s refreshing and super tasty. 

Applepom Fizz Mocktail

Are you throwing a rustic autumn wedding? This pomegranate, apple, and cinnamon drink will be delightful for your guests. 

Frostbite Martini Mocktail

You can create a stunning mocktail using Sierra Mist mixed with lime juice, pineapple juice, white grape juice, and a few mint leaves. Pick out a nice glass to give guests. 


A frostbite martini is good for a winter wonderland wedding. 

Pink Champagne Mocktail

What is one of the colors you see most in the spring? Pink! Instead of champagne, use ginger ale for the bubbles and cranberry juice for the color.