Have you heard the news about a prominent wedding venue in Tennessee canceling all weddings for 2018?

What a tragedy that must be for couples scheduled to have a wedding in the next 6 months. Because we all know that the good venues get booked for the good days about a year in advance (Yes, we are getting inquiries for 2019 already!!!).

We completely understand the need for refurbishments, however, a large part of the wedding business is built on trust.

That’s right.

A large part of wedding planning is built on trust.

  • You are trusting your coordinator to understand your wedding day plans.
  • You’re trusting your photographer to have all the photography equipment prepped and the skills to make magic with it.
  • You’re trusting your caterer to have enough amazing, delicious, warm food to feed your favorite people.
  • You’re trusting your cake artist to create a gorgeous cake (that won’t melt or fall over) that tastes yummy.
  • You are trusting your DJ to get the party started.
  • You’re trusting your officiant not to tell redneck jokes (it has happened).
  • You’re trusting your guests to show up.
  • You’re even trusting your groomsmen to behave (!!!).

And you’re trusting your wedding venue to be the perfect setting to experience the wedding day of your dreams. You expect to be the only couple scheduled for that day (who wants to see another bride on the property on her wedding day?!). You expect the venue to be well maintained, clean, and prepped for your wedding day. You expect the wedding venue staff to be attentive and efficient.

We know you have a lot riding on your wedding day, and there is a lot of pressure for everything to be perfect.

You will very likely be surprised at how attentive and intentional our staff is on wedding days. Our wedding venue exists to make unbelievable wedding days possible. Even when a challenge presents itself (like clouds and rain), our couples often rave about how amazing their wedding day turned out in spite of the challenges.

We know you are trusting us to handle setting the stage for the day you’ve been dreaming of. We take that part of our job seriously, and while we understand the need for improvements and refurbishments, we also understand the amount of trust our clients put on us.

That’s why we take every measure to keep the venue well maintained and secured. For example, hurricane Irma came through town a few months ago. You can bet that our staff secured every piece of furniture and decor on the property.

From the reception barn to the lakeside gazebo everything was secured or put away. We strapped things down and locked the place up tight. Nothing happened (thankfully!), but the next day was a wedding day and we were ready! Not to toot our own horn, but we are kind-of Disney-esque that way. Okay, so maybe we tooted it just a little bit.

Needless to say, we are proud of the trust you place in us. <3