Romantic Wedding Flowers You Should Consider

Choosing wedding flowers can be a daunting task because what you choose makes a statement. No pressure, right?


Luckily, there are tons of flower options to choose from, and some are more romantic than others. Wedding flowers will be a huge part of your Georgia wedding so you should spend some time picking them out.


Before you begin the process of choosing flowers, you should consider a few things:

  • Do you have a favorite color?
  • Do you like certain blooms?
  • Are you going for a specific shape?
  • Is smell important to you?


All of these questions will help you determine which flowers might make the best bridal bouquet for you. Other flowers you love may be incorporated into centerpieces or placed along the aisle. Before you start picking wedding flowers, take a look at these romantic wedding flowers and what they each symbolize.

Garden Rose

Garden roses are grown particularly for their size and form. They’re a little bigger and have thicker petals than a regular rose, but they still have the same symbolism of love and passion.


Pairing these with candle centerpieces will create a romantic atmosphere and feelings of love all around.


Peonies’ wide, puffy petals shout romance instantly, but their symbolism goes much farther. Peonies represent a happy relationship and are a good luck omen.


These flowers create a soft and luscious look that many brides love. They are timeless flowers but come in a variety of shades and colors.


This is another classic bloom that comes in various shades. You can find carnations in colors that match your bridal colors but also the theme of your entire wedding.


The blossoms represent affection and real love, making them a charming element to any wedding, whether used in a bouquet or to spice up a table setting.


If you have ever seen an orchid, you know they exude luxury and elegance like no other bloom can. They not only symbolize love, but they hold a meaning of strength and charm, which makes them a romantic option for your wedding day.


You can choose to have these as a bouquet with no other flowers, and they will become the perfect wedding accessory.


Although this flower may be one you overlook, it can create a stunning bridal bouquet for you. Fragrant gardenias have tiny star-shaped petals and are a popular cut flower.


These flowers represent hope, purity, and love and are a beautiful sight to see. This delicate flower may be used as a boutonniere on some groomsmen.

Sweet Peas

These bright and gorgeous flowers are perfect for brides who want a lovely smell in their hands. This flower gives off a fairy garden type of vibe that is not only stunning but also romantic. This vibrant flower symbolizes blissful pleasure.


Not all brides like a sweet and soft look; if that’s you, take a look at Anemones. They have delicate petals but a bold, eye-drawing center.


Anemones create a unique statement for brides who want to be the center of attention. The bloom represents both anticipation and fragility, while white anemones primarily represent sincerity.


You can find wedding flowers that will work with rustic charm all the way to a classic and elegant wedding. Spend time picking out your bouquet because it’s a huge part of your wedding look.