You’ve spent months preparing for your big day, but there are so many components that go into throwing the perfect wedding. 


It can be hard to remember everything you’re supposed to take to the ceremony and venue area. The night before your wedding, you should go through your wedding accessory checklist and prepare everything. 


If you have a friend to help, the night before is the best time to put everything aside and ensure you have everything. Take a look at these accessories you should focus on before your wedding. 

Wedding Shoes

Every bride will be focused on the dress of their dreams, but shoes are a huge accessory you should focus on. One of the best tips to give you is to actually pick out your wedding shoes before your wedding dress. 


You can add jewels to each shoe, decals that say bride, and other things to think about. This is the number one thing you should not forget. 


Wrap these up in a bag the night before and set them next to your wedding dress, so you don’t forget. 

Find Hair Accessories

Chances are you will have a professional do your hair and makeup. However, they may not provide you with hair accessories. 


It will be up to you to find something you want in your hair and inspo for your big day. Instead of waiting to try out these accessories on your day off, you should always book a test run a few months before. 


Once you’re set on the look, grab a bag and fill it up with your accessories. If you have really nice hairpins, make sure to wrap them up, so they don’t get scratched. 

Bridal Jewelry

Many brides will take the time to pick out jewelry after picking out their dress. You can place your bridal jewelry in your to-go bag the night before your wedding. 


This is something that costs so much but can be super easy to forget when you have 100 other details to take care of. If you have a full set, put them in boxes to keep them nice while you’re packing. Finding the right jewelry will be the perfect wedding accessory. 


Different dresses will require different undergarments for the dress. When you buy a dress, the salon assistants will help you decide what under-pieces to buy as well. 


You may even want a change of undergarments if you are planning on doing an outfit change in the middle of it. 

Outfit Change

Depending on your wedding dress or suite you may want a change. This allows you to go from ceremony to reception in comfort. 


It is not always comfortable to wear the same dress for hours at a time especially if it is a very long event. Keep these in the bag with you and think about even bringing a change of shoes in the bag too. 

Bring a Shawl or Wrap

No matter what season you’re in, the weather can be uncontrollable. Bring a shawl or wrap just in case you start getting chilly. This can be an especially good thing to have if you plan to wear your wedding dress the whole night. 


Even in the summer, when the sun sets, it can get cold enough to need a wrap at the end of the night. Choose one of your wedding colors to pair with your dress. It will look great in photos. 


You will probably have many lists to help you prepare for your bid day. You will have an emergency list, a wedding accessory list, and even a list of things you need to do to get the event ready. 


You will have tons going on, and you may benefit from having a friend help you pack and meet the vendors.