Wedding Etiquette For Georgia Weddings

Here are some wedding etiquette tips to help you on your journey to starting a new chapter in your life.

Tip 1: Sharing the Good News

It’s a good idea to tell your close family and friends about getting engaged before posting a picture of the ring online.

Tip 2: Don’t Invite Someone to the Bridal Shower if They aren’t Invited to the Wedding.

By doing this it gives the impression that they are good enough to give you a gift but not good enough to celebrate your wedding with you on the actual day.

Tip 3: No Designated Singles Table

Doing this can give your single friends the feeling of a forced blind date, so instead sit them with people who share similar interests as them. They will have a better time at the reception.

Tip 4: Foot the Bill for the Bar

It may be expensive but your guests will greatly appreciate it. You can still cut costs by serving limited types of alcohol and limiting how much each guest can get. Buying the first few rounds of drinks won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Tip 5: Don’t forget about your Vendors

People who are working hard all day to help make your special day happen deserve some appreciation so make sure they get a nice hot meal.

Tip 6: Greet All your Guests

You may not have to do it the old fashion way with all the guests lined up, but greeting each guest is still important. They made an effort to join you on your special day so thank them for showing up.

Tip 7: Thank You Notes

Don’t wait a year to send thank you notes whether it’s for an engagement present or wedding gift.

Tip 8: Including your Registry Info on your Invitation is a No-No

It’s impolite to tell your potential guests were you are registered on your invitation. So have your wedding website printed on the invitation so your guest can get all the necessary info off there.

Tip 9: Restricting Access to the Bridal Suite

This is okay to do, the bride is getting ready for her big day and is already stressed beyond belief. Letting people cram into the brides room will only add onto the stress. So telling people politely yet firmly that only the bridal party and parents are allowed in, they will understand and respect it.

Tip 10: Guest List

You don’t have to invite every singles family member to your wedding, if you haven’t talked to them in over 5 years, then there is no need to invite them.