Tis the night before your wedding and all through the house, everyone is stirring to prepare for the vows.

No matter how many months you’ve spent planning a wedding, having an emergency kit on board is definitely a wedding day best practice. Here is a comprehensive list of must have items for you wedding day emergency kit!


Basic Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  1. White thread & needle
  2. Double Sided Tape or Apparel tape
  3. Lighter or Matches
  4. Tampons
  5. Baby Powder (or Cornstarch)
  6. Bandaid
  7. Bobby Pins
  8. Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
  9. Magic Eraser
  10. Stain Remover Pen
  11. Safety Pins
  12.  Deodorant
  13. Extra Earring Backs


Wedding Day Emergency Kit – Extras for Each Season

As you can imagine, additional various items should be included depending on the season of your wedding.

Spring Weddings

Spring Weddings are notorious for April Showers. Of course the possibility for rain can happen regardless of the time of year, if you’re going to say “I Do” from March to May, we suggest you include items such as photography friendly umbrella, additional shoes, extra undergarments (especially if you’re using a sticky style!)

Another essential for your wedding day emergency kit – spring edition, Allergy medicines and eye drops. You never know when your nose will decide it doesn’t care for nature’s fragrance. Being prepared will drastically improve the quality of your wedding day is the sniffles strike!


Summer Weddings

First let me say that Summer weddings are beautiful! Second, let me also say that summer weddings need to be planned well. If you’re planning a summer wedding, be sure to include these items in your emergency kit!

  1. Bug Repellant (Dryer sheets, essential oils, skin so soft, bug spray – whatever you’re in to – bring it!)
  2. Baby Powder or Cornstarch – We’ve already mentioned this in the basic kit section, but this item is worth mentioning twice! Chaffing can happen to anyone at any time BUT, there’s no worse time, then when you can just change clothes real quick.
  3. Extra setting powder (Translucent Powder) or Blotting Papers – Often times, make up is done early in the day and only touched up prior to the ceremony. If you’re getting married during the summer its is wise to be prepared for some glistening and equipped to keep your make up fresh.


Wedding Day Non-Emergency Kit

Its always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. We’ve given you a list of all the things your should include incase the unexpected does happen but we want to take it a step further. Think of this list as your “non-emergency” list. Chances are, you’re already planning to include these items on your trip to the venue; But because we strive to be the best wedding venue, we’re going the extra mile just to make sure.

  1. Phone chargers – more than one!
  2. Snacks & Drinks – everyone plans a breakfast/brunch around getting ready but its not uncommon to loose track of how long its been since you’ve eaten last when it comes to the big day! Be sure to pack easy (and delicious) snacks and drinks that you can enjoy during the period of time between pictures and dinner!
  3. After Wedding Outfit (Comfy) – We cannot tell you the number of times that we’ve heard, “Gah I wish I could take this dress off but I don’t have anything else to put on.” This started trending around the same time bridal party robes became popular. Bride & Bridesmaids come adorably dressed in satin robes for all pre-wedding festivities. When the day is over and its time to make the trek to your home or hotel, you’re going to be wishing for leggings and a tee!


Record all special items and who is responsible for them!

Okay, this is not your typical wedding day emergency kit item, but don’t overlook its importance!

Take time, before the big day arrives to make a list of the important items you are including in your wedding day and make a note of who the items should go home with. We cannot stress how important this bit of preplanning is! Often times carload after carload of items are brought to the venue for the wedding day. Items such as leftover alcohol or serving pieces may not matter to you where they end up. However, if you’re including items in your wedding, such as a precious heirloom or special wedding gift, make a list of them! When the night comes to an end, it often turns into a small bit of chaos and having a list will help ensure that all important items are accounted for and end up in the right hands!


Our team at Spring Lake strives to make every wedding a remarkable experience for couples and families. Providing you with tips, tricks and hacks like these are often sparked from experiences that we’ve had along the way.


We hope this information helps you when preparing your wedding day emergency kit and we look forward to being a part of your special day!