Vintage Wedding Decorations Ideas

If you’ve been planning your vintage wedding decorations, we have an awesome article for you! We have a ton of wedding decorations stashed away in our wedding decor cabin, just waiting for the perfect wedding day to come out and play.

Some of the decor items have been saved from past weddings and there are some things in there we have picked up along our travels that we just know will look amazing for your wedding at our vintage wedding venue.

Handmade Wedding Signs

Okay, okay. So, not alllll of the signs are handmade, but they have that rustic, vintage, handmade kind of flair that you want on your wedding day. We’ve got everything from “Mr. & Mrs.” signs to “Here comes the bride” signs for your ring bearer to carry. We even have signs for the bride & groom head chairs (or you could use them on our Adirondack chairs if you wanted. If you’re thinking you need a sign for your wedding, check with us because there’s a good chance we have one already.

Vintage Wedding Venue Georgia

Lanterns and Hurricanes

We know how much you love your candles. They’re such a simple vintage wedding decoration element that sets the stage for a cozy reception. But, no one wants that open flame when your crazy future brother-in-law gets going when the music comes on. For real. So, we’ve got you (and your candles) covered with some gorgeous lanterns and hurricanes to keep the flame safe. Plus, those candles will look all dressed up sitting in that adorable glass lantern.

Vintage Wedding Venue Georgia Vintage Wedding Venue Georgia


What is a Georgia vintage wedding without chalkboards? I mean, not only are they totally vintage, but they are crazy handy. We have chalkboards for all kinds of needs across the venue. You want your guests to know what’s on your welcoming table (fans, programs, and bottles of water on ice are favorites during the summers), and you also want them to know where to sit for the wedding ceremony, right? There are two needs just for the first 5 minutes of guests’ arrival to help them know what to do next.

There are tons of uses for chalkboards at vintage wedding receptions. The welcome table, gifts area, and table numbers are just the beginning. You have tons of options for using chalkboards at the food tables, specifically letting people know things like those mini pies are actually handmade raspberry pies, not assembly-line cherry pies.

Containers and Flower Pots

We know you are bringing in the florals. We looove seeing the gorgeous flowers you choose for your tablescapes, and we want you to have amazing options for rustic vintage wedding decorations to drop those beautiful flowers into. That’s why you’ll find all kinds of floral containers.

Not only do we have floral containers, but we have generic containers that you can use to hold things like pens on your sign-in table, crayons for the kids’ table, and a whole mess of sparkler sticks for the end of the night.

Vintage Wedding Venue Georgia

Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

And to be honest, these vintage wedding decorating ideas are just scratching the surface of the fun decor items waiting for you in our decor cabin. We think you’re going to love it.