What if you had an entire room full of vintage wedding decor that you could shop in for your wedding? Even better….what if all that decor could be transported to your vintage wedding venue for you?

Sounds stinkin’ awesome, right?!?

Well, if you’ve read any of our blog posts, you know we are proud of the fact that we’ve thought of everything for our brides and grooms.

  • Fishing for the boys? Check.

  • Outdoor freedom? Check.

  • Rainy day backup location? Check.

  • Getting ready suites? Check.

  • Lakeside ceremony location? Check.

  • Carriage rides around lake to ceremony? Check.

  • Countless photo backdrop locations? Check.

  • Wedding barn for receptions? Check.

  • Handmade cedar arch for ceremony location? Check.

  • Pre-decorated areas? Check.

  • Blank canvas to decorate? Check.

  • Catering kitchen? Check.

  • Fireplace for amazing s’mores down by the lake? Check.

  • Adirondack chairs to sit with your sweetheart? Check.

  • Old rusty truck to pose with for pictures? Check.

  • Wooden pews at the ceremony location? Check.

  • Red canoe for drifting out on the water with? Check.

  • Gift canoe to hold all those gifts? Check.

  • Elegant wooden chairs? Check.

  • Cabin filled to the brim full of amazing vintage wedding decor fit for decorating any area of the venue to your heart’s desire? Check.

Oh yes we did! We actually built an entire cabin to hold all the prizes!

And it’s not stuff your Grandma would offer for you to borrow, either! We know exactly what is hot in the wedding world right now, plus we know what would look amazing here at Spring Lake, so we filled it with just that.

Are you imagining dreams of chalkboards and galvanized tubs? Hurricane pillars and mini whisky barrel planters are hiding behind “Here comes the bride” signs. Bird cages, runners, cake stands, tiered stands…we could go on and on.

Vintage Weddings Decor Cabin

It really is an amazing treasure trove perfect for vintage wedding brides who want to save tons of time and money out shopping and crafting all these pieces. Not only is it fun to plan with our decor elements from our wedding decor stash, but using these pieces will give you the time you need to create a custom wedding.

Let us explain. Of course, you wanted a “Here comes the bride” sign for the ring bearer to carry and you wanted a Mr. and Mrs. sign for the head table. And you were really hoping to find some cute little chalkboards for the food tables to label the food with. But, when you start to add all that up in your head, it can get pricey really quickly.

Oh, wait? You were going to save some money by DIYing it all? Don’t get us wrong, we loooooove DIY weddings, but that’s a lot of hours and money you are spending on the basic necessities that aren’t exactly personalizing your wedding.

But with our decor cabin, you can have all those basics covered so that instead of spending all your free weekends making chalkboards and signs, you can be crafting special pieces to tell your story as a couple, or to honor a loved one who isn’t there.

We want your wedding day to be crazy special. And we want your wedding planning to be a breeze!

See? We’ve thought of everything.