DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding Ideas

Last time we talked about the options you have when decorating your venue, especially a venue as versatile as Spring Lake. There are so many possibilities that the options might get a big overwhelming, specifically if you’re on a budget. We can completely understand (that’s why we try to keep our packages as affordable and all-inclusive as possible)! And since we’re here to help you all we can, we wanted to share some beautiful and inexpensive ways to decorate your wedding venue.

One of our favorite tricks for a vintage or country wedding is to use baby’s breath for flower arrangements. Don’t get us wrong, our in-house florist is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! But we know a lot of our brides like to DIY (do it themselves). Baby’s breath is completely affordable, easy to buy in bulk and frilly & white, so it goes with most every wedding. You can line the aisles with it or you could use it for your bouquet. It’s cute in bud vases as part of tablescapes. You can even twist it together and make a big strand of garland out of it. (Check out our vintage wedding Pinterest boards for some examples!)

Another favorite of ours (and many of our bries) is the use of Mason jars. They’re easy to find and totally affordable. Not only that, but they’re really easy to make adorable. In fact, we even have an entire pinterest board devoted to the amazing Mason jar. Some of the more favorite ideas we’ve seen are to use them on tablescapes. They make gorgeous candle holders. Fill the jar with a bit of sand, drop in your candle and place it on top of a slice of rustic wood. Or, if you’d like a bit more elegance than grit, you can fill the jar with water and add a floating candle with a bit of twine tied around the top of the jar. If you wanted, you could even tie on some table numbers. And if you’re really wanting some color and variety, you could fill some smaller jelly-size jars with wildflowers and group them together with a coordinating ribbon.

We already hinted at this idea, but wood has been showing up everywhere in all kinds of weddings. Not only is it fairly free, it’s perfect for the eco-chic bride or the southern belle. You can slice the wood into thin pieces and use it as a charger, or make thicker slices to make the mini-trunks into stands. Wood slices make an adorable pedestal for bouquet filled mason jars. You could even make a thin slit in a branch to hold a table number or seat assignments.

Photography by Kiss The Bride Studio

Speaking of seat assignments, how about using smooth river stones for holding assignments? All you need is a rock and a piece of wire. Wrap a section of wire around the stone, leaving extra to make a post out of most of the wire. Then, just make a small spiral and insert your seat assignment card. Super easy, eco-friendly and inexpensive! And just think of all the fun you’ll have down by the river searching for river rocks in your favorite creek!!

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, head on over to our pinterest boards! There’s something for most every bride there, and we try to find all the adorable & creative inexpensive decorating ideas we can because we know that’s what you’re looking for!

Do you have any other ideas that we missed? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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