Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage themed weddings are very popular these days, and it’s no wonder why – they are SO much fun!  Not only are they fun, but wedding themes also give a cohesiveness to the wedding from the décor down to the dress code, and can even make it easier to plan a wedding and all of the many, many details that it requires.

If you are in love with all things vintage and want a vintage themed wedding, but are having trouble narrowing down design decisions, then maybe deciding on a vintage theme would help you out.

Vintage Wedding Themes

Below are some of our favorite vintage wedding themes.

The Great Gatsby

The 1920’s, when the book The Great Gatsby was set, was a time of glamour, decadence, and romance.  The Great Gatsby is a classic romance and you can bring that story to life in your vintage 1920’s wedding.  You can make this theme work for you by using lots of lace in your décor, pearls, feathers, long strands of beads, and anything gold.  Your guests can bid you good luck on your new journey as a new couple by lighting up sparklers that you can run through on your way to your getaway vehicle!  Use funky art deco broaches and pins in your bouquet and wear a sleek diamond or crystal pin in your hair.  Decorate the ends of pews with gorgeous floral wreaths and opt for cascading art deco style bouquets and floral arrangements.

Rustic Rural

The perfect vintage theme for a rustic venue for vintage weddings like Spring Lake Events, the rustic rural setting remembers a simpler time with casually elegant décor and dainty details.  Use burlap ribbon to tie together bouquets of wildflowers, mason jars as vases, and mismatched chairs and china at the reception table.  Clasp hands and profess your vows beneath a simple arch made of branches.  Incorporate old, everyday items into your wedding in a fun way, like using an old canoe for gifts, or an old bicycle for programs.  Use old boards for signs directing your guests towards the reception hall and stack old apple crates on top of one another to make the perfect perch for your wedding cake.  Having your ceremony outdoors at a serene location, such as beside a beautiful lake, and throwing your reception bash at a barn is the perfect locale for this vintage theme.

Jane Austen

If you’d love to live in a Jane Austen book, then this theme is definitely for you!  Evoke the dignified and courtly battles of love from Pride and Prejudice by dressing your groom in a top hat and tails and choose a gorgeous gown with an empire waistline and lots of delicate lace.  You and your groom can use a horse-drawn carriage for your getaway vehicle, running through a shower of wildflower petals thrown by your guests.  Incorporate calligraphy however you can, from the invitations to the place cards.  For a truly romantic touch, calligraphy your vows on a great sheet of white paper and use them as an aisle runner!  For flowers, you can’t beat the sweet simplicity of white baby’s breath paired with lots of bright greenery.  This theme is sure to transport your guests back to Regency-era England!

Flashback to the 1940’s

If you want to get married like the Greatest Generation did, then a 1940’s inspired wedding may be for you.  This was a time of war, but also a time of great love stories as people made the most out of the time that they had together and lived each day as if it were their last.  Capture the carpe diem of this time period by hiring a lively swing band to help you and your guests dance the night away.  Embroidery was very popular during this time, so decorate with embroidered table runners and have your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear embroidered hankies.  These might even make great party favors for your guests.  Add a horseshoe into your wedding bouquet for a little extra good luck.  Keep it simple and wear a sharply tailored cream suit down the aisle, and don’t forget the stockings with the seam up the back!  Use old vintage food tins as vases to adorn reception tables.  Use old suitcases and cameras to decorate by the gift table to guestbook signing area.

Vintage weddings are so much fun to plan, and even more fun to enjoy!  We hope that these vintage themed wedding ideas have inspired you to plan the perfect vintage wedding of your dreams!