Weddings can be long, and who doesn’t want to spend hours celebrating the love of two people? What do you do once your ceremony has ended, dinner has been served, the cake has been cut, and the dancing has started?


If you are planning a wedding that will end after the sun sets, you need to think about late-night wedding snacks for your guests to enjoy. Chances are there will be tons of dancing, drinking, and laughter that will leave people hungry even after all of the food they’ve already eaten. 


Snacking is also an excellent way to fill up time for those not dancing or socializing. Every event has food for its guests, and it’s time you start thinking about late-night wedding snacks. Here are some ideas to get your planning started. 

Late Night Wedding Snack Ideas

There are tons of snack and drink options for late-night weddings, and it can be fun to find something you know the guests will love. Late-night wedding food can turn any event into something memorable. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

Are you having a winter wedding? There is nothing better than serving hot cocoa and even s’mores to go with it! This is a fun way to keep your guests feeling warm, cozy, and full. Hot cocoa is also something the kids will enjoy when attending your wedding. 

Mini Milkshakes

Summer weddings can be hot even when held at night. Find something cool to sip on while also being filling. Serving vanilla and chocolate milkshakes is a sure way to put smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s an easy way to serve late-night wedding snacks, but be careful; they can get messy. 

Mini Churros or Churro Bar

Churros are absolutely tasty. They are warm, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Each churro is covered in the most delectable sugar and cinnamon coating. It is the best fall time wedding snack and can leave people feeling happy after taking a bite. 

Charcuterie Spreads

No matter what season you host your wedding, finger foods are always a win. The best thing about charcuterie boards is that there are many different kinds. You can choose everything from meats and cheeses to fruits and crackers. There are tons of options you can choose from, and you can make each guest happy.

Mini Grilled Cheese

These don’t have to be basic grilled cheese sandwiches, you can mix and match ingredients to serve at your wedding. They are hot, gooey, and super yummy to snack on late at night. They will create that warm happy feeling everyone wants at a wedding. It is a feel good food that makes the environment homey. 

French Fry Bar

Most people love snacking on french fries. They are the perfect warm finger foods that even kids love. You can serve various sauces and ensure everyone has something hot to snack on in between dancing. 

When To Serve Late Night Snacks?

Not every wedding will serve snacks at the end. However, if you are planning an event that is more than six hours long, you will need to figure out how to keep your guests full, entertained, warm, and happy. That can be a lot of pressure. 


Snacks are a good way to make sure your guests are entertained for most of the event, and it also helps them remember the event. For many people, an event is centered around food, and it is how they connect to an event and makes it memorable. 


Once you choose that perfect location and wedding venue, it’s time to focus on the menu. Look at where you are setting up and start imagining what you want your guests to snack on.