If you have a smaller wedding, you may not want to pay for a wedding planner to plan and coordinate the event. That doesn’t mean you should opt-out of finding a wedding planner book. These planners are different from your average yearly planners. 


They contain information on budget, checklists, etiquette, and questions to ask each vendor. There are so many beautiful options that will help you stay focused and on track throughout the year. If you plan your wedding six months to a year in advance, you should get a wedding planner book. 

7 Wedding Planner Books To Choose From

Wedding planners are expensive, and for a rustic wedding in Georgia, you may not need them. The bigger your wedding is, the more likely you will need to hire someone to help coordinate. 


When you start shopping for a wedding planner book, you will see a variety of price ranges. You will find everything from hundreds of dollars down to just a few bucks. We will share our favorite picks from low to high. 

Stuff Every Bride Should Know

This typically retails for 5-10 dollars, depending on the version you choose. This wedding planner book will go through everything from setting a budget to finding the right dress. It is probably one of the most budget-friendly planners you will find but still as thorough. 


It’s a small booklet that you can place right in your purse while you’re on the go to vendor meetings. Before each appointment, you can read through the tips to help you stay on track and get what you really want from a meeting. 


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Mindy Weiss The Wedding Book

Do you need something a little more than the previous book? There are options for you that provide detailed information for just a few dollars. This retails for between 14-15 dollars depending on your location. 


This wedding planner book will walk you through negotiating with vendors and how to start planning a menu for the event. It will go over small details that easily go missing, and you won’t be disappointed with this small purchase. The tips can help things run more efficiently on your big day. 


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Kate Spade Bridal Journal 

If you are looking for something soft, sweet, and feminine, this is the book for you. It averages for around $17 depending on where you live and is worth a few extra dollars. It’s filled with 200 pages of thick paper, perfect for taking notes. 


You will have enough room to write down guests, venue information, vendors, and even songs for your DJ. This is the perfect blank slate for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time going through a checklist. 


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All The Essential Wedding Planner

If you are looking for something to truly organize your thoughts, this is the perfect wedding planner book for you. On average, it retails for around $30 and is worth it for any brides looking to stay planned ahead of time. This binder is color organized with different sections and filled with tons of advice and tips. 


You will see that there is a section for creating a registry, booking a photographer, and even when to try on dresses and get them altered. If you are having a rustic wedding in Georgia, this book will help you plan out all of the themes, timeless colors, and decor you need. 


Buy it on Amazon here. 


Storied Weddings

This is not your typical wedding planner but is one of the best books to purchase if you are in desperate need of inspiration. It is filled with tons of beautiful pictures and informative how-to’s. This book can be paired with a wedding notebook and will quickly become your go-to guide for around $30. 


Finding pictures doesn’t have to be hard, and this book is filled with images to inspire brides. You will find something to fall in love with when you pick up this book. This is a perfect option for anyone throwing a classic wedding. 


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Celebrate Everything

Now, if you aren’t doing a classic wedding, who says you need a traditional wedding planner book? You don’t! For 31 dollars, this phenomenal guide will help you make any special event extraordinary. 


The best thing about spending the extra money on this book is it is totally versatile. You can take what you learn in this book and use it for multiple events other than your wedding day.


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The Groom’s Guide

Believe it or not, your soon-to-be husband will have tons of things to plan too. For around $40, they can get in on the planning action and receive some helpful advice for planning. It goes over pretty much everything on “how not to screw up your wedding.” It’s perfect and makes a great gift for your man. 


This book will go over how to choose the best tux all the way down to how choosing the best man works. It can be helpful for any groom to have and may help give them reminders of what they should be focusing on. 


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