You graduate in May and want to get married right away. You want to make sure all your long distance family can come, so you plan your wedding on Labor Day weekend. You want to avoid the rain, so you schedule a June wedding. Whatever the reason, April, May, and June are some of our most popular months. As are September and October. If we had our choice, purely based on gorgeous times of year to get married in Georgia, when would we choose?

We’re so glad you asked! Let’s just get this out in the open, here. This fall has been one of the rainiest we’ve ever had since we’ve been open as a wedding venue. It has rained and rained and rained. Great for our reservoirs, not so great for wedding weekends. (Unless you know how to embrace life). But the truth is that most Septembers and Octobers are dreamy wedding months. You have the option to use typical wedding colors, or the choice to go full-out autumn style. Vintage weddings in autumn are ripe with burlap, lace, mason jars, and candles. It’s just unavoidable beauty.

And then there’s April. There’s the slight chance of rain, but there’s also the blooming landscape brimming with singing birds and the smell of a fresh new spring in the air before the heat of May and June arrive. We love the promise that April holds. The harsh winter cold is gone and the rest of the year is open for unlimited possibilities. There’s still 3 seasons to live in your wedding year, and summer is the perfect time to head off on a sunny honeymoon.


Photography by Graceology Photography

And then there is May and June. These two are at the bottom of our list (just above July and August). By May, temperatures are well into the high 80s and it’s already starting to feel like 100 degrees to our just-came-out-of-winter-hibernated-bodies. 85 in May is a lot different than 85 in August, am I right? While you sometimes need to worry about some rain in April and October, you have to worry about being drenched with sweat in May and June. But, May and June continue to be some of our most popular months and are certainly peak wedding months. And in all fairness, the summer breezes we get blowing through the spring-fed valley here really are something to be thankful for. It’s amazing to have that nice breeze we get when it’s hot out.

So, what’s our favorite, you ask? Well. We have 3. We adore April for it’s freshness, and the meaning behind a brand new season, and the time of year we wake up to life. Then we love October. It’s cool outside. The animals are scurrying to get their nests ready before winter, and there’s a perfect excuse to fire up the fireplace with a s’mores bar. But we also love November, a less-loved favorite for weddings. There is a calm in the air as the land is slowing down, and gives us some time to enjoy the moment (without worrying about makeup melting off our faces before guests arrive).

And while the hot months are probably our own personal least favorites, the truth is, it’s always a great time to get married. Because promising your best friend that you’ll stand by their side through thick or thin is one of the best decisions you can make. And it’s always a good day for good decisions.