Wedding Decor Ideas For Summer Weddings

So you’ve picked the date and it landed in the warm months of the year. Opting for a summer wedding is great because you can (usually) count on nice weather. This opens up the option of hosting a beautiful, outdoor wedding. We have compiled some summer wedding ideas for you to draw inspiration!

Whimsical Wedding Decor Lighting

Want to add a romantic glow to your evening, outdoor wedding? Fairy lights can completely change the atmosphere of your wedding venue and add a warm, welcoming, and romantic glow to your wedding vibe. There are so many ways you can incorporate these modern sparks to your theme. You can string them from your venue ceiling, bunch some into jars or glass vases for shining centerpieces, or you can even wrap strands around tree branches to create a natural, summer theme.

Using Candles for Wedding Decor

While we are on the lights trail, you can put together the most beautiful summer-themed wedding by using candles as your main form of decor. Obviously, they can be used as fantastic centerpieces, but there are so many other places you can display white or colored candles in your wedding. Use jars to hold small candles and hang them all around your wedding location. Our personal favorite is to completely adorn the stage where you will say “I do” with varying sizes of lit, white candles, surrounded by arranged flowers to match your theme.

Greenery as Wedding Decor

One of the easiest ways for your big day to go down in the books as a gorgeous, summer wedding, is to incorporate tons of greenery. We love the matte green and white color pallet that’s trending right now! Add greenery to the table centerpieces (this can be a great way to save on decor too!), adorn the altar with greenery and light flowers. Create a lavish bouquet and even consider using blossoms and leaves in your hair accessories for you and your bridesmaids. Dress up the chairs with some beautiful arrangements on the back. There are so many more ways to display beautiful arrangements of flowers and greenery in your wedding, hopefully, we’ve got your wheels turning with inspiration!

Wood Wedding Decor

Create a rustic vibe by adding wood to your theme. There are countless ways to present gorgeous grained wood, dark stained pallets, or freshly cut branches. Save money on coasters by creating your own with a chainsaw and medium-sized branch, stain to add depth of color or simply gloss over with a sealer. Use wood to create signs to direct and entertain your guest’s eye. Pair wood with white chalk paint to really make that summer vibe pop. Consider incorporating branches, either leaving them bare or spray-painting them to match your color scheme. You can use various heights of sliced logs in centerpieces by using them as a base for candles and flowers. Collect wood crates and flower boxes to display arrangements. The options go on and on!

White Wedding Decor

In our opinion, weddings that showcase white, stand out as more aesthetic and clean. White can be integrated into just about every aspect of decorating for a decluttered, elegant vibe. Incorporate tons of white flowers in your arrangements to make the other colors pop. You can use white table cloths to make your white theme evident from the start. White candles bring elegance and can really add to your summer vibe with their warm glow and natural atmosphere. We’re sure you can find even more ways to brighten up your outdoor wedding, but if you feel like you still need more white, use white tulle to add to your venue!