Last time we shared with you how to have an amazing affordable wedding in Georgia.

But we only mentioned two keys to having an inexpensive Georgia wedding. There is one more secret.

We’re going to go ahead and warn you that this trick isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you seriously want a steal of a deal for a luxe wedding on a shoestring budget, this is the ultimate trick.

How To Save Money On A Wedding Venue

Here’s how it goes down. We, Spring Lake, book about a year in advance. We accept a non-refundable deposit to reserve a wedding date for a couple at our venue. Then life happened.

You know the story. It’s usually a serious to-do if life is going to call off a wedding, but it happens. More than you would think, even.

Well, as a wedding venue, we only have a tiny window of time to find a bride to fill that canceled wedding date. Sometimes, it’s really easy to fill a canceled wedding date that is on a peak Saturday 6 months from now. But sometimes, it isn’t so easy. Sometimes, brides wait until just a month or two before their wedding date to cancel their wedding (or reschedule for another date).

And here’s where the best deals are to be had for wedding dates. Those dates are often deeply discounted and just waiting for a super lucky, super prepared bride to step in and have the wedding of her dreams.

Here’s the deal. You would think that it’s a huge ordeal to plan a wedding in just two or three months. And that might be true at some wedding venues. But here at Spring Lake, wedding planning is. so. easy. Seriously. We already have amazing caterers lined up, along with rockstar affordable DJs, preferred florists with prices so low we don’t know how they do it, and amazing photographers that we love working with.

PLUS!!! Our wedding venue is already pre-decorated with super cute decor items (like a red canoe gift boat, vintage wedding pews, handmade signs, vintage bike). As if that weren’t enough, our brides get to use everything in our decor cabin. It’s filled to the brim with chalkboards, candle holders, bird cages, galvanized buckets, and the list goes on.

So, as long as you can find a dress, a cake, some guests and a groom, you could literally be married in two months for thousands less than you thought it would cost for your dream wedding.

So, how do you snag this deal? You have options. We try to keep our canceled dates current on our website, but when in doubt, you can always just reach out to us to see if we have any recent cancellations. And be ready. Because life can happen faster than you ever expected!